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ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" - Program

China revealed a new 8x8 series wheeled armored fighting vehicle in 2008. The first model put into use by the Chinese People's Liberation Army is WZ-0001. Then came the battlefield repair model WZ-4006, the 122-mm self-propelled howitzer WZ-9003, the 35-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun BK-1060 and the armored command vehicle WZ-7007.

The new armored vehicle technology independently developed by the PLA is intended to be exported overseas. Foreign users will get the BK 1050 armored fighting vehicle. Previously, the most widely used wheeled vehicle technology in China was the amphibious armored transport vehicle WZ551, produced by China's North Industries Corporation (Norinco). The 6x6 wheeled armored fighting vehicle has been put into use in China 20 years ago. In addition, China has also developed a series of specialized armored combat vehicles based on the WZ551, including self-propelled artillery, battlefield repair vehicles, armored combat vehicles and 120mm self-propelled mortars.

In 2000, China had three units for chassis options, namely a heavy vehicle plant in Chongqing, Jinan, a northern China Heavy Truck Heavy Machinery and Automobile Group. CNHTC of Jinan, China, lacked the armored vehicle production experience, its program was eliminated in the primaries, so only two of the. Chongqing, a predecessor of the heavy vehicles factory production WZ-551 series armored arsenal, their newly developed wheeled infantry fighting vehicles in order to minimize technical risk, followed the WZ-551 central bridge drive.

Central Bridge Drive has a simple structure, small technical difficulty advantages, disadvantages is to limit the volume of the body. Formerly a heavy machinery plant is the production of the northern main battle tanks and North-Benz Heavy Duty Truck arsenal, it attempts to drive the H-type. H-type transmission structure is more complicated, but it can effectively increase the volume of the body, improve tire life. Suspension systems, a more conservative Chongqing programs, using a double wishbone adjustable gas spring suspension. Northern scheme employs an advanced and reliable "McPherson" independent suspension and adjustable gas spring trailing arm independent suspension. By comparison, the authorities chose the North program. In 2009, ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" formally set production.

ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" was developed by the China North Industries Corporation, a new type of wheeled armored vehicles, primarily for motorized infantry carry out offensive and defensive combat missions. It was first used 8 x 8 drive form, outstanding maneuverability, heavy firepower, protection force is good, the performance reached the world advanced level. It appears, marking the Chinese name of wheeled armored vehicles to achieve a breakthrough by the ZSL to ZBL (wherein B represents infantry fighting, S for delivery). ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" design finalized in 2009, and to enter the international arms market, the export model VNI8 x 8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles.

The new wheeled armored vehicle is developed in response to the needs of the foreign trade market and combined with the mature technology of wheeled vehicle research and manufacturing. The overall technology of the vehicle is at the world's advanced level. The vehicle participated in the Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition in February 2009. This is the first time that China's wheeled combat vehicle has been shown at a large-scale international defense exhibition. It largely represents the development trend ofChina's army wheeled equipment, which also makes the car the darling of many media at this defense exhibition.

After the exhibition, the vehicle will go to Saudi Arabia for a competitive performance test with wheeled vehicles from multiple countries. Therefore, the successful development of this vehicle will certainly expand the market share of China's military trade wheeled products, promote the sound development of China's military trade wheeled products, and effectively enhance the vitality of China's military trade wheeled products market.

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