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ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" - Requirements

The end of the Cold War and the easing of international relations, full-scale war between the great powers increasingly likely decrease. Sudden outbreak of short duration, high-intensity, small-scale regional conflicts and local wars to become the main features of the new era of armed conflict. Traditional heavy armor because the reaction is slow, slow, in dealing with this conflict seems clumsy, like anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes, and has long been neglected lightly armed troops has shown a remarkable capacity to respond, wheeled infantry fighting vehicles its rapid reaction capability, easy to operate, highly mobile, a cost-effective features, has become a rapid reaction force of the main equipment.

The mid-1990s, China struggled to meet the needs of the military to set up a rapid reaction force, equipped with a ZSL-92 type 6 x 6 wheeled armored vehicle and its derivative family car. After weapons department does not slow down the pace to reach the world advanced level, embarked on a 8 x 8 wheeled armored vehicle family development.

In general, "Snow Leopard" the same type of performance and equipment performance is quite international, and in some aspects surpassed the world advanced level. Although the VNl wheeled infantry fighting vehicle is not outstanding in overall technology, it is undoubtedly a ground weapon with pragmatic design, moderate overall cost, and reliable reliability. China is a country with a vast territory and varied terrain, with numerous neighboring countries.

The "2006 Chinas National Defense" white paper stated the strategic changes of our army in the new era: "The army is gradually advancing the transformation from a regional defense type to a global mobility type, improving air-ground integration, Long-range mobility, rapid assault and special operations capabilities."

For a long time in the past, the main body of the army was either a heavy-duty force based on tracked vehicles or a motorized force based on unarmored vehicles. The long-range maneuverability of the former is severely constrained by the main railway. In the new era, the development of China's light mechanized equipment, especially wheeled armored vehicle technology, and the construction of highways, especially the highway network, have provided basic conditions for the realization of the army's combat functions.

The distance between any one theater and the important nodes of the adjacent 2-3 theaters is only about 2000 kilometers, and there are highways or closures between these important nodes. It is connected with the first-class highway. If there is an emergency situation in the Taiwan Strait, the light mechanized troops mainly equipped with wheeled combat vehicles in the Central Plains, Southwest and Guangdong and Guangxi can be assembled at various nodes along the southeast coast within 48 hours through the highway network for early deployment of troops.

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