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ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" - Lethality

ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" uses 30 mm double turret, with the gunner equipped with their own observation devices, and has a simple fire control system, but with the world's most advanced anti-tank equipped with image stabilization on, with automatic tracking feature triple sight, and advanced thermal imager there is a certain gap.

China North Industries Corporation has developed a new type of turret, named "Red Arrow" 73 missile/30mm combined turret weapon module. The turret weighs 1,500 kilograms. The main weapon is a 30 mm machine gun, with 350 rounds of ammunition, which can be single or continuous fire. The rate of fire is 300 rounds per minute and the effective range is 4000 meters. The auxiliary weapon is a 7.62 mm machine gun. The latest "Red Arrow" 73 is installed on the right side of the top of the turret. The weapon still has a 90% hit rate at a maximum range of 3000 meters.

The turret adopts full electric control, capable of 360. When rotating horizontally, the weapon pitch angle is -6. ~+60. , Both sides are also equipped with a set of 3-pack smoke grenade launchers. From the picture analysis, the turret has a good bullet-proof shape and compact structure. The reason why 30mm artillery is used as the main weapon of infantry fighting vehicles is estimated to have the following considerations: 30mm caliber has been included in the naval equipment series, such as the 730 and the introduction of imitation AK630, and the supporting ammunition has been successfully developed; the Air Force has introduced Su-27 series fighters, the equipped Gsh-301 30mm cannon and ammunition will also be developed and installed; the armys 30mm ammunition cartridge part is common to the navy and air force, but the bullet charge is different from the primer.

The navy and air force uses electric primers, and the army uses mechanical primers. The unified use of the 30 mm caliber for the three services can make ammunition and some artillery parts and components common, simplify logistics support, and facilitate the realization of the joint service of the three services.

After more than 20 years of testing, Russia has unified the small-caliber automatic guns of the three services into 30 mm. The caliber of small-caliber artillery in Western countries is also increasing. The USA planned to replace the M2/3 and LAV-25 25mm guns with larger calibers. Therefore, the new generation of Chinese vehciles adopted 30mm guns, which conforms to the trend of international development.

In terms of the fire control system, it is not difficult to see that the turret uses a gunner sight that combines day and night observation, aiming, and guidance. The sight is compact and powerful. With the special fire control system for infantry fighting vehicles, it will give full play to the firepower of the 30 millimeter artillery. The new "Red Arrow" 73 anti-tank missiles improves the combat effectiveness of infantry fighting vehicles.

The successful development of a new type of turret has completely changed the current situation of China's traditional infantry fighting vehicles, which had short range, weak firepower, low hit accuracy, and short night vision. In particular, the turret adopts a bistable system, so that the vehicle has the ability to move and shoot. The turret has been used to retrofit Type 86 infantry fighting vehicles and 92 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles. It is normal for the new generation of wheeled infantry fighting vehicles.

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