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ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" - Crew Systems

The command communication of the new wheeled armored vehicle is composed of communication and GPS satellite positioning devices. The voice communication and digital transmission between vehicles are realized through radio.

The communication system adopts VRC-2000 vehicle-mounted ultrashort wave frequency hopping radio and VIC-2001H digital car communication to realize voice and data communication between and in the car. The radio is set on the left side of the captain for easy operation and command.

The navigation system adopts GPS positioning navigator (integrated display screen), which is arranged on the left front side of the captain to realize the positioning and map navigation functions of the tank during the driving process, and can display the coordinate data of the target's current position in the WGS-84 coordinate system in real time , Longitude, latitude, direction angle, driving speed, time, driving direction and other information. At the same time, the current position of the tank is accurately displayed on the electronic map.

Navigation system uses GPS positioning navigation systems (integrated display), the realization of the process of moving vehicle positioning and map navigation functions, and can display real-time target current location on WGS-84 coordinate system coordinate data, longitude, latitude, direction angle, speed, time, information such as driving directions. Meanwhile, the vehicle accurately display the current location on an electronic map.

The car uses traditional detection instruments, and users can choose to install a comprehensive vehicle electronic information system with the driver's computer and the captain's computer as the core. The electronic information system is the command system network in the vehicle, which can realize the interconnection and information sharing between the vehicle and the vehicle, thereby possessing the capability of networked combat.

The driver is equipped with a helmet-mounted night vision device that can fight at night. The standard CCD observation device can meet the needs of driving and observation in the car during the day and night or when the visibility is low.

The unique modular design concept vehicle designed by the power, transmission, action, manipulation, body and coat arms six basic modules, through a combination of different modules to achieve a variety of chassis variants, which are matched with the needs of a variety of combat integrated. The modular design can improve the interchangeability of family of vehicles, which will help logistics maintenance support.

Good human environment is to improve equipment performance, an important way to improve the combat effectiveness. The vehicle implementing the "people-oriented" design principle, so multiply, containing members with safe, comfortable interior environment. Engine compartment bulkhead sound and heat insulation materials can effectively reduce noise and heat transfer. Ceiling-mounted carrier's seat from the bottom of the shock wave can effectively reduce the damage on the carrier member. Heating and air conditioning systems containing members can change the cockpit and cabin temperature, improve the bearing member of the working environment comfortable.

Damping and vibration-reducing coatings are applied to the floor, car body wheel well and other parts to reduce the transmission of vibration to the car body. The installation of the integrated power unit adopts a secondary vibration isolation structure, which effectively reduces the impact of engine torsional vibration on the car body. The ceiling-mounted passenger seat can effectively reduce the damage to the passengers from the bottom shock wave. The heating and cooling air-conditioning system can change the ambient temperature of the cockpit and the crew cabin and improve the comfort of the working environment of the crew. In addition, a plateau oxygen generator can be installed according to user requirements.

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