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ZBD-97 Weaponry

The ZBD-86 airborne vehicle and the ZSL-92 infantry fighting vehicle has as the main gun the 30 mm caliber of the new turret.

ZBD-97 combat tank installed above a turret, the turret in China to introduce BMP-3 turret on the basis of the improvement, using a more flat flat deck welded structure, compared with the original turret turret, not only simplifies the processing technology , And increased the interior space of the turret. The main gun for a 100 mm low-pressure rifled gun, the right side of the 30 mm machine gun and the main gun rigid connection, the left side of the parallel installation of a 7.62 mm parallel machine gun. On the side of the turret attached to the additional armor plate installed on a group of 3 installed smoke bomb launchers. In the use of combat, 100 mm low-pressure barrels can launch artillery missiles to attack long-range armor targets, but also to launch a variety of fortifications of grenades, and 30 mm machine guns are mainly used for shooting light armor protection targets, parallel machine guns can be used Shooting, close to the vivid goal, so that the maximum range within the majority of the target, the vehicle with its prepared to suppress, destroy the powerful fire.

Its real protective capacity, to be an objective basis for assessment. ZBD-97 of the whole armor should be to resist 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine guns hit the main, after the installation of a large wave board, the front armor to withstand the 20 mm machine gun firing. ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicles installed optical interference / laser alarm equipment, for the light-guided anti-tank missiles / intelligent ammunition have a certain degree of early warning and interference, with active defense technology base.

In fact, the length of the ZBD-97 cabin is similar to that of three middle-aged adults, and if there are two rows of seats in the vehicle, the number of soldiers in the carrier should be six to sit opposite. The ZBD-97 cockpit rear seat is in front of the door without any prospecting observation mirror, while the side of the body has a group of observation windows and shooting holes, the traditional for the long communication station used in the antenna base from the cockpit back to the right seat of the turret. ZBD-97 infantry fighting tank cockpit Rear seat should be an infantry vehicle, not an infantry fighting vehicle, indicating that the ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicle is 3 + 7 (three crew and seven infantry).

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