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VN-11 infantry fighting vehicle

The VN11 infantry fighting vehicles is the foreign trade model of the ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicle. The layout of the system, the first wheel in front of the induction wheel, the side of each have six load wheels, the use of double-pin double-sided hanging plastic track. VN11 vehicle with the ability to fly, water action capacity from the back of the car on both sides of the two water jet propulsion to provide the maximum floating speed of 13 km/h. VN11 body front is more raked, with more advanced hydrodynamic performance. VN11 infantry fighting vehicle advanced performance, carrying 2 +7 people, combat weight 21.5 tons, 7.52 meters long, 3.3 meters wide, 2.53 meters high, travel 400 kilometers, can easily span the width of 2.5 meters, and 0.75 meter deep trenches.

The VN11 combat vehicles using the whole welding body, the performance improved significantly, the driver is located in the middle of the middle of the car position, 650 horsepower diesel engine installed in the lower part of the passenger compartment, the crew sitting on both sides of the car position, The location of the hatch is operating 7.62 mm machine gun. Russia Tula instrument design bureau developed BMP-3 infantry fighting tank two-seat turret installed in the middle of the car body, vehicle crew seat directly located around the turret, carrying cabin space is small. And BMP-3 is different, VN11 body within the larger space, can take seven soldiers. VN11 infantry fighting vehicles in the production is more simple, lower cost. 6-cylinder water-cooled supercharged diesel engine, the car can make the maximum speed of 70 km/h. The driver is on the left side of the engine, and the other occupant is behind him, and both seats have a protruding mouth, similar to the corresponding device for the early Chinese tracked light infantry fighting vehicle.

Russian media said that China's VN11 turret can rotate 360 degrees, the azimuth angle between -6 to +60 degrees, the use of mechanical transmission, installed in the middle of the vehicle, the main feature is the use of external arc-shaped armor armor. The turret is made by China under the technical transfer agreement of the Russian Tula Instrument Design Bureau. It is equipped with the famous 2A70 100mm rifle gun with 41 ammunition bases, some of which are in the automatic loading machine to improve the launch speed. In addition to the maximum range of about 7,000 meters of conventional ammunition, 2A70-type main gun can also launch laser-guided guns anti-tank missiles , the maximum range of 4000 meters, 8 ammunition base. There is also a 30 mm 2A72 sub-gun, coaxial mounted on the right side of the main gun, the use of sub-caliber armor bombs and incendiary bombs, base 500. The left side of the main gun is 7.62 mm machine gun, prepared for 2000 rounds, can be intensive fire, deal with most of the threat.

VN11 early models used turret equipped with Russian 7.62 mm PKT machine gun, and later replaced by China with the same caliber domestic machine guns, used to ensure the general performance of weapons and equipment. VN11 combat tank on both sides of the installation of a group of three-mounted smoke bomb launchers, and laser irradiation instrument receiver connected together to be able to automatically respond to threats. Each side of the tail has firing holes and observation holes, the crew can be raised in the vertical roof for the protection, from the tail cabin fire shooting.

This new type of vehicle installed in the domestic computer fire control system, including the length and gunner sight, night vision sight, thermal instrument, which gunner sight equipped with 100 mm gun missiles using laser guidance system. China North Industries said the fire control system can effectively lock the mobile and non-moving targets, can be used in any climatic conditions, can open fire in the movement. Other standard equipment for VN11 combat vehicles also includes three anti-fire systems, fire fighting systems, combat command systems, navigation and positioning devices.

ZBD-97 modified engineering vehicle

There are many other VN11 infantry fighting vehicle models, such as the ZBD-97 armored maintenance evacuation vehicles. Apparently already used in the Chinese military equipment, it retains the amphibious ability, the main feature is the car tower tower on the left side of a slight rise in the driver Seat back, infantry fighting plate turret all put away, weapons and equipment to retain only 12.7 mm machine gun, no other protective equipment. To expand the internal space, to ensure the completion of full-time tasks, command tower rear cover slightly raised, the left side of the installation of rotating doors and sleeve pointer, the car carrying all the tools and other professional equipment, to install drag and evacuation winch. VN11 infantry fighting vehicles in addition to command cars, 122 mm self-propelled artillery, armed personnel transport vehicles and other models.

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