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ZBD-97 - Powerplant

ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicles to install a new 8V150 water-cooled four cylinder Diesel engine, and ZTZ-99 main battle tank power belongs to the same series, the engine power of 400 kilowatts, than 59 medium-sized tank engine power even higher, which for its excellent mobility to provide a strong guarantee. As the engine compartment front, 97-type vehicle with a drive wheel in front of the induction wheel, the side of each side of the six heavy wheel of the action agencies, the track for the double-pin double-sided double hanging rubber track. As the large body provides sufficient buoyancy, the heavy-duty wheel of the 97-type vehicle uses a small-diameter double-rim load wheel that facilitates maneuverability without the use of an 86-type infantry fighting vehicle that can provide some buoyancy Hollow load wheel. A hydraulic damper is mounted on the first load wheel, the second load wheel and the sixth load wheel. As the front of the engine compartment and turret heavier, to balance the load, the second, third and fourth load wheel spacing closer.

ZBD-97 power compartment layout closer to the Western style: the right side of the three series with a rectangular radiator, the left side of a large size square power capsule cover, in the power compartment behind the turret root for a porous modular engine into Gas filter. The cockpit is equipped with a tandem double arrangement with an oriental style with a traditional oval helmet left hatch. In front of the front cabin door, there are three submerged observation mirrors with fan-shaped distribution, and the rear compartment is fitted with a side view window on the left side of the vehicle body.

ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicle in front of the wheel, the induction wheel in the back, each side has six load wheels, two carrier pulley. Heavy-duty wheels for the small diameter double-rim load wheel, track for the double-pin double-sided hanging plastic track. A hydraulic damper is mounted on the first load wheel, the second load wheel and the sixth load wheel. Heavy wheel layout uses a traditional Chinese layout: the second load wheel and the third load wheel spacing closer.

The radiator of the ZBD-97 Infantry's powertrain uses a right-hand side Type, not in the power cabin is directly above, you can determine the use of new water-cooled diesel engine, its technical standards and BF8M1015CP / MV-type water-cooled diesel engine similar. In view of the ZBD-97 power transmission cabin in the former, the water jet propulsion system in the rear, the transmission system design is very characteristic, unlike the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles as a combination of water performance and infantry fighting passengers on and off problems, and not on the engine. ZBD-97 infantry fighting the largest trip is about 500 km, the maximum highway speed of about 65 km/h, the water forward speed of about 20 km/hr.

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