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ZBD-97 - Overall Layout

The ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicle is China's successor to the ZBD-86 infantry fighting vehicles. The ZBD-97 is based on the Soviet Union's BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, design and development of a new type of tracked infantry fighting vehicles.

In 2000, the first online ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicles related information was released in the official Chinese military magazine "modern weapons". For the first time this revealed part of the information, and claimed that 97-style infantry fighting vehicles would join the Chinese army in 2006. The ZBD-97 weight is 20 tons, the highest road speed is 65 km, and the highest water speed is 20 km. The maximum range fully fueled is 500 km. The original version was authorized to use several parts of the Russian BMP-3 tracked infantry fighting vehicle, but the vehicle chassis was designed by China. The ZBD-97 could take three occupants and the rear compartment could take seven infantry. ZBD-97 narrow track so that it can not be used, as can the WZ-131, in the swamp. If stuck in the mud, it would be difficult to get out.

The ZBD-97 uses the traditional infantry fighting vehicle design: power cabin in the former, On the left for the cockpit, combat cabin in the middle, after the crew cabin. The car inherited the Chinese tracked armored vehicle / infantry fighting vehicle has always been the design style: before the armor and armor before the front of the body was wedge-shaped, before the armor to tilt inward inclination, before the armor to a small angle Within the tilt, has been extended to the front of the turret seat. The first car has a large size mechanical lift-type anti-wave board, usually close to the front armor, the water before the hydraulic machine by the hydraulic device will rise. The roof of the car level, the rear of the turret rear seat down the roof tilt. Body on both sides of the vertical, a change in the usual inward tilt style.

The upper part of the battle tank is fitted with a medium-sized turret, the front central position is fitted with a parallel set of weapons, the turret for the double structure, according to the layout of the BMP-3 infantry fighting turret.

The top of the carrier is slightly tilted back and forth, with two opposing rectangular tops at the top, and three anti-install air intake filters in the middle of the right side of the carrier. The tail of the carrier is vertical and is fitted with a conventional right-hand single-fan large-sized rectangular tailgate. The upper part of the tailgate has a small observation window and a drop-type shot hole with a ball-type gun seat. In the center of the tail on both sides of the central position of each have a drag hook, in the lower part of the tailgate on both sides of a water jet propeller nozzle. There are a small observation window and a firing hole on the vehicle body on both sides of the carrying compartment.

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