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Type 80 Model Evolution and Variants

The tank is China's second-generation main battle tank base vehicle, designed with full consideration for the development of new technologies with the possibility of development, so once the design was finalized after there were developed a series of new models such as MBT 80-I, 80-II main battle tanks, etc., to make 80 main battle tank become a family of vehicles.

The Type 88 was simply the Type 80 as accepted by the PLA, the Type 80 being primarily designed for export. The basic Type 88 is generally similar except for the removal of the turret stowage baskets to allow the fitting of an Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) suite. The Type 88 had two additional subvariants, though Western and Chinese sources disagree over nomenclature and design featured. The Type 80-III/Type 88B reportedly came first, and featured an improved loading assembly for the main gun to allow the usage of improved 105mm rounds. The original light spot fire control was replaced by an image-stabilized fire control system. The tank termed Type 88A by Western sources featured the improved Type 83-I 105mm main gun and the FY series double explosive reactive armor plates, which can resist both APFSDS and HEAT-FRAG rounds. Chinese sources are unaware of a Type 88A, and instead report a Type 88C [also designated as the Type 96] with a 125 mm smoothbore gun.

Type 80-I MBT

The tank retains the 80 main battle tank of the propulsion system and protective systems, mainly improved fire control system and observation devices and three defense equipment. In the fire-control system will be 80 points of light injection-type fire control system into a simple periscope decline disturbance simple fire control system. Its main feature is the day and night targeting and ranging all three into one, can make use of the tanks in the circadian system is stationary or moving target shooting; has a more complete self-test capability, timely display system failures; line of sight with the gun by electric synchronous axis, passing accuracy. Night sighting system, night vision sights mirrors are replaced by the second generation generation shimmer shimmer. Three defense equipment, while retaining the 80 main battle tanks, self-protection devices, but also increase booster fan, canisters and other collective three defense equipment.

Type 80-II MBT

An improved version of the export Type 80, the Type 80-II was also developed. The tank had its Laser rangefinder and sights combined and moved to the top of the turret, which allowed for armour mods to front of turret. A new Built-In-Test (BIT) system was installed for rapid identification of malfunctions. The tank was also upgraded with new automotive enhancements, a lens protective system for the sights, and NBC overpressure system. The turret stowage racks were also enlarged and expanded, additionally offering some standoff protection against HEAT rounds. The Type 80-II was prototyped, but no production was known to have commenced.

The tank inherited the 80 main battle tank of the basic structure, the main improvement of the sighting system, the addition of a greater amount of special equipment, which alter some include:

  • (1) the gearbox is fitted in the air compressor, the realization of high-pressure air systems continue to inflate the air starting the engine to ensure reliable operation of the system.
  • (2) increasing the purge apparatus. Under field conditions, the driver's viewers tend to be dust, mud covered, resulting in loss of ability to observe. Therefore, the addition of the driver in the sight glass purging device to ensure the clarity of the mirror and to provide a convenient maintenance.
  • (3) increasing the heat smoke device, making the vehicle has two sets of smokescreen system. Hot smoke effective length of 200m, smoke duration of 2 ~ 4min, release systems work long hours 10min, the fuel consumption of 10L/min.
  • (4) three defense equipment into a collective protection type, the machine automatically turns off, anti-atomic alarm dosimeters, anti-chemical gas automatic alarm, booster fans, canisters, relay control box and other components. The device receives the rays or agents, can automatically, quickly and alarm, and automatically turn off each hole is sealed, the input air is filtered, and the fighting compartment overpressure effectively protect vehicle occupants from atomic, chemical and poison gas attacks.
  • 5) sighting system, night vision sights mirrors are used second-generation LLL tube, greatly improved and observation skills.
  • (6) communications equipment uses a machine with a confidential VRC-83 radio and ancillary vehicle intercom.
  • (7) the addition of the occupant at the fan to improve occupant comfort.

The successful development of the tank, so that 80 series tanks performance more complete, by domestic concerns.

Type 85-II MBT

In the 80 - II main battle tank based on the replacement of a new gear, and equipped with a new type of image stabilization and a new fire control system lengthened barrel 105mm gun, thus forming a 85 - II type. The new hydraulic transmission planetary gear transmission, the steering wheel into a formula. The tank in the power of the engine power and artillery were strengthened in the engine auxiliary systems also made changes accordingly. Fire control system for the stabilization-type, enabling the road between the moving target shooting. The successful development of the tank, and comprehensively improve the performance of the 80 series tanks, the Chinese main battle tank level has reached a new height.

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