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Type 80 Main Battle Tank - Design

The Chinese Type 80 main battle tank followed the Type 59 and Type 69 tanks as the second generation of new main battle tanks, compared to which its firepower, mobility, protection performance than the first generation tank has greatly improved. The tank's main features are the use of high-power turbocharged engine, the new 105mm rifled gun, laser fire control system, night vision, friction damper, ranging from stiffness torsion bar suspension, large stroke weight of small diameter wheels and wrapped type composite armor.

The tank started from 1974 with the development of new components, while the vehicle began development in 1980. Development work from 1981 to 1987 included a total of 12 prototypes, which accumulated a mileage of nearly 100,000 km, including national stereotypes cumulative 50,000km. Tests included experience in cold, damp, plateaus, deserts and other environmental conditions strict examination. Tests showed that the tank had strong firepower, maneuverability and rugged flexible defense force, fully able to adapt to the requirements of modern warfare.

The tank still used the general arrangement of the traditional arrangement of the tanks to the front of the cockpit, central to fighting compartment, rear compartment for the power transmission. Front left side of the cockpit of the vehicle, the driver blind spots smaller, easy to observe. The vehicle steering apparatus, monitoring apparatus, the detection means, instruction means, and driving chairs are installed in the cockpit for the driver.

Manipulation device has a throttle control device, oil pump start button, start button to start the motor, the air bottle switch, bleed the fuel system switch, hand diesel pumps. These devices and switches according to ergonomic requirements are reasonable layout, making operation easy and comfortable. Observation device in front of the driver, arranged mirrors. Climate suitable day march or training, you can open the driver's window cover will be driving on the window seat adjusted to a higher driving position. When there is wind or cold rain, the hood can be put on the file. When closing a window into battle needed when driving during the day can be used mounted on the front of the driver's two 84 tanks microscope observation, the night can be replaced with shimmer autopilot.

Detection device with an engine oil temperature gauge, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, exhaust temperature gauge, hydraulic oil pressure gauge, ammeter, voltmeter, motor hour meter, clock, heading meter, engine tachometer and speedometer, etc. LEDs indicating device has emplacements, air filter restriction indicator, fuel indicator, anti-atomic automatic alarm dosimeters and so on.

Driving seat for the front and rear, height adjustable with class, the backrest can be adjusted according to the driver's needs front and rear, which can meet the windows, closed the window, and the needs of different stature drivers. In addition to the device, the cockpit is also placed three anti-protection mask, drink bottle, circuit protection devices. Installed in the cockpit right before the group tank, bomb rack fuel tank, battery room and ammunition.

Space in the middle of battle tanks, which includes middle and turret body composition body all the space. In the main battle tanks equipped with weapons systems (including major weapons, ammunition, fire control systems, auxiliary weapons), communications equipment and fire suppression systems. Turner in the turret on the left of the tower can be rotated 360 below the gunner in the vehicle long before the bottom, filling in the turret on the right hand.

Powertrain space in the tank rear cabin major propulsion system is installed, the main components of the engine, flexible couplings, gear box, main clutch, gearbox, planetary steering, brakes and side transmission. These parts are arranged in the power transmission portion and a lower front compartment, the transmission at the power unit cooling systems.

After the major components are respectively mounted integrally formed via a coupling device, this assembly is conducive to the maintenance form. Under normal circumstances can be lifted through the oil, water cooler, the occupant can be close to all major components for inspection and repair. For replacement parts, power transmission compartment can be removed on the top deck.

Power plant intake system air filter is located on the right side of the engine elm fender. Room temperature or elevated temperatures through the roof of the mouth of the intake air when the weather is cold, you can force the cabin air intake. Simply by opening the top of the air cleaner cover and the crew can easily carry out maintenance.

Engines for the 12150ZL-type V-type 12 cylinder water-cooled exhaust gas turbo-turbocharged diesel engine, calibration power 537kW (730 horsepower), calibration rotational speed 2000r/min, Fuel consumption rate was 238g/kW h (175g / horsepower h).

In transmission device in's transmission box is straight gear-type, gearbox for the mechanical fixed shaft type, there are five forward gears and a reverse gear. Steering mechanism for the two planetary-style, side transmission for the Shan pairs of straight gear reducer, the brake for the band ceremony. Main clutch and steering machine the manipulation of for the mechanical hydraulic booster-style, this Zan institution may guarantee Once the hydraulic system has failed be able to immediately converted into mechanical manipulation.

Mobile device Using Nonequality rigidity torsion bar plus friction the shock absorber composite-style suspension, each side of the there are six negative Da wheel, 3 prop edge wheels. Adopt single-pin-type Metal track, also be equipped with hanging plastic-style crawler.

The hull consists of rolled welded steel plate, the first upper deck and the horizontal plane angle between the designed as 22 , increases the deck's horizontal thickness of. Can be in the first on the upper deck suit of armor composite armor, in order to strengthen frontal protection capability. Body sides increased the shield skirt, can effectively anti-armor piercing and the HEAT attacks.

Turret for the casting pieces of, shape low-rise, streamline is good, positive armor protection strong force, the in the turret four weeks increased the fence shielding, increases the anti-Pojia Dan's ability to. Turret external fitted with 76mm smoke-grenade launchers 2 4 tools, ejections distance is 100m, salvo O'clock capable of forming radian as the 120 , positive total length is 120 ~ 150m's smokescreen, smokescreen sustained time of up to 2min. Tanks appearance Tu there are anti-infrared camouflage lacquer, the internal is also equipped with three anti-device and a fire extinguishing explosion suppression systems, all of these regard the tank's protection capability been raised to a new height. Inside the vehicle installation there are power of for the 6kW of the three-phase AC silicon rectifier-style alternator and four 6-TKA-180-type Low temperature starting type storage battery. Li equipped with a full set of latent crossing the devices, including sealing the intake and exhaust window of with a's cloth lid, into the Inflator, exhaust one-way valve, heading Miriam, Pai water pump and breathing life-saving devices and so on. Before diving cycling preparation time for the 20 ~ 30min, diving deep 5m, diving distance 600m, latent crossing the after the can be immediately put into battle.

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