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Type 88B MBT

Type 88B MBT is based on the Type 88 tanks, improved from a new main battle tank. Has strong firepower, better force protection and mobility. Compared with 88 tanks, 88B main improvement is to use advanced anti-stable under 212 fire control system like the style, replacing the 88-type 37A simple fire control system.

Type 88B appearance from a tank, the Type 88 and 88B style is very similar, but a closer look will find that 88 tanks left in the gun shield with sight, and in Type 88B tank, the mirror has been canceled (reserved the right of the parallel machine guns); Type 88 turret on each side four smoke launcher rounds, two row configurations, each row two, and six on each side of the turret Type 88B smoke launcher rounds, three-row configuration, each row 2 tools. This is the distinction between Type 88 main battle tanks and Type 88B MBT most obvious external characteristics.

Type 88B overall layout of main battle tanks combat weight of 38 tons, the tank length 9.328 m, 3.372 m wide vehicle, vehicle height 2.29 meters, the crew of four people (car length, gunner, driver Members and loader). Tanks rolled steel body is welded turret of armored steel cast structure. Use the cockpit front, fighting compartment center, rear engine compartment of the overall arrangement. The left side of the body before driving cab mounted control devices, observation devices, detection devices, indicating devices and adjustable driving seats. Central body combat cabin mounted weapon systems (guns, ammunition and auxiliary weapons), fire control systems, communication systems and low voltage automatic fire suppression devices. There are three cabin crew, bus captains in the turret on the left side of the control tower below the gunner in the vehicle length front loader in the turret on the right. Power rear of the cabin in the tank mounted tank engine, flexible couplings, gear box, main clutch, gearbox, planetary steering, brakes and side drive and so on.

Type 88B is equipped with a weapon system 105 mm rifled gun. Pitch angle of -5 ~ +18 , the main gun barrel is equipped with light alloy thermal jacket, in the middle of a barrel smoke devices. Equipped with a bomb planted with APFSDS, HEAT and Hesh, muzzle velocity and maximum range of 1,455 m, respectively / sec (6000 m), 1173 m / s (8200 m), 731 m / s (9500 m ), Combat rate of fire of 7 rounds / min, ammunition base 45 hair. With 88 different tanks, 88B tanks redesigned vehicle bomb rack frame and tank shells, so that both equipped with a standard 105 mm tank ammunition, large aspect ratio can also be equipped with the new 105 mm APFSDS in When using the new kinds of shells, 88B main battle tank main gun at 2000 m distance to the breakdown "Leopard", M1 and T-72M front armor, the armor-piercing power terms, is close to the West 120 mm tank gun levels. Although; unable to breakdown in the effective distance M1A1/A2 and "Leopard" A6's front armor, but if the tactics used properly, can still be on the sides and rear right M1A1/A2 and "Leopard" A6 for a fatal blow.

Type 88B using 212 fire control system under the anti-stabilization-type fire control system, is the creation of Chinese researchers, the day and night sighting system consists of the gunner, the side away from the lower triple anti-stabilization-type sight, independent drivers week endoscopy, fire control computer, control boxes, trunnion tilt sensor turret horizontal angular velocity sensor, wind sensor and gun control horizontal subsystem components. Car length may exceed commanding artillery gunner. With Type 88 tanks simple fire control in different ways, 88B of the optical sight with artillery independent stable, gunner as a stable base line of sight, so that the follower in artillery gunner sight. As the next anti-stabilization-type fire control system is the gunner sight line in the horizontal direction and height of the fire control system can be stable; Type 88B road between day and night can be found in precision shooting of moving targets, and the response time is very short shooting. In addition, the fire control system can also be demoted to use, ie when the image stabilization part fails, the table can be installed as an automatic fire control system Easy to use; when the automatic loading table after a system failure, can be manually mounted rear sight way to shoot. With foreign compared to the same type of fire control system, the system of sight with an optical element directly on the level of sight and stability on both the left and right directions.

So far, in foreign countries have not yet seen a similar structural principle of the stability line aimed fire control system. The fire control system is simple, innovative principles and mature technology, technology is good, no technical difficulties, suitable for domestic production levels and thus low cost. By repeatedly firing experiments and other assessment to prove its functionality and stability, complete, reliable, easy to operate. From the stabilization-type fire control system components and overall performance, it seems less than U.S. M1 tanks and the German "Leopard" tank FLT2 type fire control system, but the results after the actual shooting, but no less than the above two type fire control system.

Type 88B protective properties in the protective performance, Type 88B of the first upper deck when you need it to go into new composite armor blocks to enhance positive protection, body sides shielded rubber apron can effectively defend against HEAT attack, and 59, compared to 69 and 79 tanks, Type 88B armor protection level a lot, but the turret armor steel casting protection capability with its own artillery power, there are still some gaps. If you go into the turret new dual anti-reactive armor, regardless of whether the capacity to deal with projectile or warhead will be raised to a new level. On each side of the tank turret four 76 mm grenade launchers, projectile distance of 100 meters, can be formed volley radians 120 , front length from 120 to 150 mm with a smokescreen, the appearance is also coated with anti-tank infrared camouflage paint, battle tanks installed overpressure CIS three defense equipment and to prevent secondary effects of low pressure automatic fire suppression systems are further strengthened Type 88B protective properties.

Type 88B power plant using a water-cooled exhaust gas station 12150ZL turbocharged diesel engine, rated power 536 kilowatts (730 hp), rated speed 2000 circle / min. Unit Power 14.1 kilowatts / ton (19.45 hp / ton). Tank top speed of 57 km, maximum travel 500 km. The drive means and the shift operating device is a mechanical type, with five forward gears and one reverse gear. Planetary steering mechanism for the two main clutch with hydraulic power steering is a mechanical type, this mechanical failure of the hydraulic mechanism can guarantee once and can immediately be converted to mechanical manipulation. Ranging from rigid torsion bar suspension device uses no oil lubrication friction dampers supplemented. There are six on each side of the body is 670 mm in diameter, hanging plastic wheel rim road wheel and three hanging plastic supporting wheels, 1,2,6 road wheel in the first place with friction dampers, induce wheel in front, In the left idler wheel built with mileage, speed sensor, rear driving wheel. Tracked single pin high strength metal track shoe, but also dress double pin hanging plastic crawler. Type 88B of the vehicle is also equipped with power of 10 kW generator and four low start-up battery, the communication station 1, the communication distance of 20 to 25 kilometers. For tanks in the tail turret with full diving equipment, the rear body while two additional 200 l drums.

Speaking from a technical level Type 88B, Type 88B main battle tank of the overall performance is superior to the U.S. M60 series, German "Leopard" a series, the French AMX-30 series of 74 tanks and Japan as the representative of the second generation of main battle tanks Western . Just from the fire speaking, Type 88B has to contend with the world's first third generation main battle tank capacity, but the overall level of technology, and the world's third-generation main battle tank, there is still a gap, has been discontinued. The performance Type 88B MBT military equipment belonging to the middle level, in dealing with surrounding situation, you fight the object concerned, Type 88B enough to give the opponent a fatal blow.

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