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Type 80 Main Battle Tank - Armament

Main weapon is an 83-style 105mm rifled gun, pitching range is -5 ~ +18 , can be 360 ?? rotation, in the body tube on the is equipped with's thermal jacket can protect the body lack due to heat uneven while the deformed bending, there are conducive to improving shooting accuracy. The gun body tube adopts a may be anti-Shield the mouth forward drawn out structure, which pairs of wartime rush to repair has important significance. The gun whole weight 1950kg, body tube adopts self-tightening craft, capable of firing Chinese manufacture's ammunition, also capable of firing NATO-standard's 105mm tank shells.

The gun is equipped with ammunition including APFSDS, HEAT and HESH, with a muzzle velocity respectively, for the 1455,1173.5 and 731.5m / s, maximum range of respectively of 6000, 8200 and 9500m , one thousand m vertical target precision of, respectively, for the 0.2m 0.2m, 0.23m 0.23m and 0.2m 0.2m. Rate of fire for the 7 round / min. Artillery shells resettlement for the former group fuel tank bomb rack 19 round, middle group bomb rack 18 rounds, right side of the deck four rounds, the left side of deck a rounds, turret inner two rounds, total of 44 rounds.

In the loading hand door on a install the an 12.7mm Gao antiaircraft machine gun, ammunition for the 500 rounds, rate of fire 70 rounds / min, muzzle velocity 825m / s, the effective range of 1600m, rear sight range 3300m. In the artillery right side of the coaxial install the an 7.62mm tied for machine guns, ammunition cardinality for the 2250 rounds, of 5 stars 9 boxes configure the in the tank inside and outside the, rate of fire 350 rounds / min, muzzle velocity 865m / s, effective range 1000m.

Fire control system is mainly by the band points of light injected into's gunner aiming mirror, laser range finder, fire control computer and control of panel, points of light Power Supply, Optical point drive, target angular velocity sensor and the cannon ear axis tilt sensors as well as bi-directional compound control stabilizer and other components.

Observation and Aiming instrument comprises gunner nighttime shimmer aiming mirror, the bus captains commanding observation mirror, artillery upper fixed type periscope, filling hand using periscope each one. In addition is also equipped with for their vehicles long Zhou Depending on observe the's four fixed--style observation mirror.

The fire control system the working procedures is this: When gunner finding the target after the, the use of CABINETS to make points of light injected into-style gunner aiming in the mirror and sub-zoned large arrow align-target Centre (ie, the first aiming). When the large arrow suppress the Target Center O'clock, press the Ranging button to and to target carry on tracking, approximately tracking 2s left and right Loosen the Ranging button, and namely emits a laser carry on Ranging, gunner aiming the mirror the FOV will appear target distance digital indicating and representatives amount in advance points of light; At the same time propelled artillery also automatically given improvement amount. Subject to artillery stabilized, the use of CABINETS the visual field of of the optical point pressure towards Target Center, (i.e. fine pointing), once the align center of the target, gunner can be done firing.

The system due to computer as a refinement had an impact firing accuracy's Zhu factors that, so you can obtain a higher Shots Fired hit rate. In the battle under the conditions of, in the 1750m distance of within a (defined target area 2.3m 2.3m) stationary pairs of a moving target and in 1850m distance of within a (defined target area 2.3m 2.3m) stationary pairs of fixed target shooting, first episode hit rate is not is lower than 50 %. System reaction time was of static For static magnetic is not greater than 7s, of static on the dynamic is not greater than 10s.

Points of light injected into-type sight mirror for the monocular telephoto-style, there are 7 and 3.5 two magnification magnification, depending on the field of respectively, for the 9 and 18 , Ranging range is 200 ~ 8000m, Ranging precision 10m. Come from laser range finder, high and low angular velocity sensors, azimuth speed sensor and cannon trunnion tilt sensor's data is automatically entered into the computer, air temperature, propellant temperature, cross-wind, the beginning of downhill, and comprehensive correction, etc. parameter consists of artificial entered into the computer, shooting distance but also by artificial input. Computerizable Solution of distance is 200 ~ 3000m, solver an accuracy of 0.1 dense-bit.

Gun Control system has the manual or motorized two kinds of operation ways, high and low to the and horizontal to the stabilizer are made of composite control. Therefore stabilization accuracy is higher, low-speed performance is good. Horizontal to a stable accuracy of 2.5 dense-bit, high and low to a stable accuracy 1 dense-bit. High and low to the aiming speed is 0.05 ~ 4.5 / s, horizontal towards aiming speed is 0.7 ~ 20 / s, vehicle length transcend tune cannon speed is 0.09 ~ 20 / s.

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