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Type 075 Aviation Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA/D) - Variants

After the 075 ship was launched, it not only filled a big gap in the main warhips of China's navy, but also stood in the world-class position on the brand new ship of the amphibious assault ship. However, behind the handsome shape, some people always regret that it does not have a ski ["leaping"] deck and cannot be equipped with vertical short take-off and landing fighters for the time being. In fact, 075 can do more than just a light aircraft carrier. It can even be combined with different equipment to evolve warships with different performances. It can be called a true "almighty ship". When it comes to "almighty ships", anyone who knows the development of naval equipment in China knows that this is the next generation of main battleships proposed by Academician Ma Weiming. Equipped with various new concept weapons, it can be worthy of an aircraft carrier formation. The 075 is, in a sense, a "whiteboard" all-around ship in another sense, which can be fully modified.

    Type 075

  1. Type 075 VSTOL Carrier First of all, the combination of 075 and vertical short-range take-off and landing fighter can be turned into a light aircraft carrier, or it can be modified into an angled deck and a jump deck, and can also take off and land L15 Falcon carrier trainer. With the strength of China's shipbuilding industry and aviation industry, there are only the problems that are not needed, and no problems that cannot be created. For example, the L15 Falcon carrier-based trainer has been in the project for a year, and it will be available soon, and the domestic vertical short take-off and landing fighter is also being pre-researched. In the medium term (2030s), the development and service of domestic vertical short-range take-off and fourth-generation fighters will also be on the agenda. The 075 ship is a large amphibious ship with a service life of at least more than 40 years. Normally face multiple upgrades and rotations of shipborne aviation combat equipment. Type 075
  2. Type 075 drone mothership If the L15 Falcon carrier-based trainer is replaced with a drone and a catapult, the 075 can become the mother ship of the drone, and can even be equipped with an unmanned early warning aircraft. For China, it has special advantages in the field of drones. Not to mention the best-selling Chada integrated drones such as Rainbow and Pterodactyl, which are tall flying wing drones, have also been transformed in China. And satellite pictures show that in China's electromagnetic catapult ground test center, the ejection test of the drone has already begun. In the future, the drone will board the aircraft carrier and amphibious assault ship at the same time. Some said it was totally worth looking forward to.
  3. Type 075 anti-submarine helicopter carrier If the carrier-based aircraft is replaced with an anti-submarine helicopter, 075 can become a helicopter carrier similar to the Japanese Izumo class, or a helicopter anti-submarine carrier.
  4. Type 075 transport In 075's job, in addition to the amphibious landing ship, it can also carry a large number of weapons, such as carrier-based fighter aircraft on the aircraft carrier, transport them to the port that has just landed, and perform the tasks of the amphibious transport ship.
  5. Type 075 amphibious transport ship There is a large crane in front of the ship island of 075, and a supply station behind the ship island. It can rely on its large size to carry a large amount of supplies, provide supply support for other combat ships, and become a supply. Support ships, or logistic centers floating on the sea, are often done by Japanese "Izumo" ships and Thai aircraft carriers.Type 075
  6. Type 075 electromagnetic gun heavy-cruiser In addition, although the amphibious assault ship uses the same deck and offset ship island as the carrier, it can still be converted into a heavy-duty carrier cruiser like the Moscow-class or Minsk-class. But this time, instead of missiles and ordinary artillery, it carried electromagnetic guns. In the large helicopter hangar or dock, it can be equipped with a power supply side cabin for electromagnetic guns, thus becoming an electromagnetic gun heavy cruiser with more aircraft.
  7. Type 075 comprehensive fishery patrol ship In the civilian field, 075, with its powerful helicopter and speedboat carrying capacity, can become a comprehensive fishery patrol ship. When performing missions, it releases a large group of helicopters from the deck and a large group of speedboats and small hovercraft from the dock at one time. Controlling a large area of the sea can be described as a weapon for maritime patrols in fishery administration. And if high-end radar and electronic equipment are removed and cheaper products are replaced, the maritime police may be able to afford 075.

The emergence of 075 is an epoch-making event. Although it is only an amphibious assault ship, it is not as important as an aircraft carrier, but our navy has never had a warship that can be used as widely as it does. The combination of 075 and various equipment can meet various combat needs, which is its real combat effectiveness.

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