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Type 075 NEWCON Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD) - Program

Type 075 Amphibious Assault Ship The launch of the 075 amphibious assault ship marked the beginning of a new era in the development of Chinese naval surface ships. It indicates that the Chinese navy surface ship series will add new strength. The ship is a first-class amphibious assault ship developed by China, with strong amphibious operation abilities and diversified tasks.

The progress in the construction of the 075-class large-scale amphibious assault ship was amazing. It is worth recalling that the HMS Dreadnought creacted a sensation in the naval world of the era not only because of the revolutionary "all big gun", but also by virtue of the great rapidity with which the ship had been constructed relative to the sedate standards of the day. It demonstrated a capacity to launch new designs faster than other countries.

The construction speed of the 075 warship was indeed very fast. It took only half a year from the first construction picture to the recent launch. This is a huge ship with a displacement of 40,000 tons. The there are two reasons why the 075 is "hurried". First, the construction speed is really fast. It has the conditions for launching the sea test. The second reason is that the ship is vacated for the second ship 075! In fact, the second 075 has already started construction. After the first ship is launched, it can enter the dock for modular assembly. According to this speed, the second 075 can also be launched in half a year.

Type 075 paint and chimney installations were completed in mid-August 2019, followed by the installation of several satellite communications systems on the mast and ship island, with the most visible radios: two main radars. Not long after, high-definition pictures showed that the ship had been equipped with a variety of weapons or battlefield sensing systems, with the completion of the Navy ash painting work. Military enthusiasts analyzed, "The entire warship has changed from a section covered with rust to a finished product that can be launched in just a few weeks."

When the 075 first ship was docked, the waterline was very low, which meant that it not only installed almost all radars and weapons, but also the internal equipment was basically in place. The completion degree was very high, which can be said of new types of ship in China in recent years. They are mostly complete when entering the water. Since China was building a new type of amphibious assault ship, the sea trial work was expected to last for one to two years, which is much faster than the aircraft carrier. At the latest, in 2021 China's first amphibious assault ship can be commissioned, while the service interval between the second and third ships will not exceed one year.

After 70 years of development, the new Chinese navy has achieved a historic leap from scratch, from small to large, from big to strong. In recent years, the intensive construction, launching and service of many new surface ships, including domestic aircraft carriers and 055 large destroyers, have demonstrated the high-speed period of China's naval construction and development, and have greatly reduced the capacity gap with Western navies. Now, the launch of the 075 amphibious assault ship is another significant sign of a powerful navy. Its launch is not only a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, but also shows the world that China will unswervingly fulfill its international obligations and firmly defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

China started building a new generation of large amphibious assault vessels that will strengthen the navy as it plays a more dominant role in projecting the nation’s power overseas. The 075 Landing Helicopter Dock is now under construction by a Shanghai-based shipbuilding company. The amphibious vessel is far larger than similar ships previously constructed for the PLA Navy.

In August 2019 the naval professional website "Naval News" reprinted a report from East Pendulum on the construction progress and related conjectures of the Chinese Type 075 amphibious assault ship (LHD), and there are several clear pictures showing the construction status and performance conjecture of the Chinese Type 075 amphibious assault.

From photos and satellite images, the main structure of the 075 amphibious assault ship hull was nearing completion, using a modular construction mode, some structures are being hoisted, and the hangar, tail lift, ball nose, etc. can be clearly identified from the photos. The structure, the ship's port opening, etc., are not far from the completion of the hull, and the construction progress is very fast. It was generally expected that the following waters will be available by the end of 2019. The photography and satellite imagery showed that the Type 075 had two decks of vehicles below the aircraft hangar; two lifts, one in front of the ship and one at the end of the ship. However, the ship island had not been installed yet, and it can be analyzed from the hull dinghy. The width of the ship's body was not very large. It exceeds some amphibious warships, but it is much smaller than the aircraft carrier. The size of the aviation deck is quite satisfactory.

The "fast appearance" of the 075 ship and its mature state at the time of apperance surprised some military observers who understand the development of the scientific research and development of the Chinese Navy in the past two decades. Those who are familiar with the Chinese Navy are familiar with the principle of "small step and fast running" that the Chinese Navy had always pursued in the development of equipment. For the newly developed new main battleships and submarine equipment, the construction of the first ship / boat has certain scientific research and experimental properties. After the construction of the first ship is completed, it often takes a period of experimental exploration.

After the applied new technologies and equipment are mature, certain upgrades and improvements are started. A mature version and subsequent versions of mass production are launched. The experimental new ships are even more than one and more than one. For example, the well-known 052 series destroyers, after more than a dozen batches of multi-type improvements, have continued to introduce modifications. Until now, the latest 052D + batches of the longest decks have been produced in batches. The 054 frigates are also experimental. After the production of two 054 basic models, the mature 054A improved frigate was launched on the basis of it and mass production of more than thirty.

However, the type 075 amphibious assault ship is not the same. The difference between the launch time of the first and the second ship may only be more than half a year. According to the construction cycle of the amphibious assault ship, we can completely conclude that the time after the first 075 ship was built, 075 The construction of the second ship of the ship had already begun. It can be said that on the 075 ship, the principle of "small-step and fast-run" of the Chinese navy in recent years has been broken. The first batch was mass production, and it is likely that not only these two ships will be present, but there will be more follow-up ships.

Why was the 075 ship mass produced as soon as it came up? The first is from the maturity of technology. The main structure of the 075 ship was developed from the 071 integrated landing ship. It was originally mature. In addition, China had accumulated rich experience in the development and construction of super-large surface ships such as aircraft carriers. Conducive to the development and construction of large amphibious assault ships. Compared with the large destroyer and other equipment, the technical difficulty of the 075 ship is relatively low. The 055 large destroyer can build more ships, and the batch production of the 075 ship is normal when it comes up.

The Chinese Navy has begun to bid farewell to the era of small steps and fast running. The Chinese Navy currently has more abundant technology accumulation, stronger equipment research capabilities, and already has mature batch production in a short period of time. Equipment capabilities. In the future, the Chinese navy's main battle equipment will have a "production as soon as it appears" situation.

China's first Type 075 amphibious assault ship appears to have embarked on its first sea trial on 05 August 2020, judging from online videos, pictures, and a sea trial notice in relevant waters by the Maritime Safety Administration. The presumed maiden voyage will likely test the amphibious assault ship's main systems, including propulsion, navigation and communication, military experts said. China's first domestically built Type 075 amphibious assault ship was spotted leaving the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard along the Huangpu river in Shanghai on Wednesday, according to unverified videos and photos posted on Chinese social media on the day. A navigation restriction notice released by the Maritime Safety Administration of China, also heightened assumptions the ship was heading to sea. The notice, published on Tuesday, said a ship would leave the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard on Wednesday afternoon for a sea trial, and traffic control would be in force in related waters and other ships should pay attention.

China's first Type 075 amphibious assault ship, the Hainan, has reached initial operating capability, and the vessel will visit harbors and ports all over the world and provide an outstanding image for the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, the warship's captain told the state broadcaster. After a year of training, the Hainan will have full operating capability in the not-too-distant future, Captain Lü Yongjun, the captain of the ship, revealed in a program broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) on 27 February 2022.

The Hainan entered service with the PLA Navy on April 23, 2021 as China's first amphibious assault ship. Often dubbed a helicopter carrier, the vessel can carry a large number of helicopters in addition to amphibious armored vehicles and tanks, and launch both horizontal and vertical landing missions on islands and reefs, and even land from the sea, analysts said. By reaching initial operating capability, a warship is ready for deployment for basic missions, and can start to participate in more complicated, realistic combat-oriented exercises to enhance its combat readiness, so the vessel can become fully operational.

On the afternoon of 29 January 2021, Shanghai Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard. The third 075 amphibious assault ship slowly launched and leaned on the shore, and continued construction alongside the second 075 alongside the Huangpu River.

The media said that the 075 class will be built in batches, and the first batch was said to be three. The 075-type amphibious assault ship project officially started in 2011. The first ship started cutting steel plates in 2017 and officially started construction. The large improved 075A was in the design stage, and is responsible for the 708 Heavy Industries, and the 075A will choose to build two.

How many ships will 075 build? Previously, some believed that the aircraft carrier will remain in the scale of 9 to 10 ships in the future. Possibly, the aircraft carrier may not reach such a large scale, and the configuration of the six aircraft carriers is sufficient, with two for each fleet. Compared with aircraft carriers, the Navy now also needs large-scale amphibious warships, so in the future, the Navy will not focus on the main resources, but the aircraft amphibious ships will develop together. Therefore, the Navy may create a 6+6 model, that is, six aircraft carriers plus six amphibious assault ships, which can meet the needs of the three fleets and ensure the needs of amphibious operations.

In the future, the 075 ship will continue to be built on a large scale. It is expected to reach the scale of 1:1 with the 071 integrated landing ship. At that time, the medium-sized tank landing ship that the Chinese Navy still relies on will be relegated to the second line and replaced by the 075 amphibious assault ship.

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