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Type 075 NEWCON Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD)

China has started building a new generation of large amphibious assault vessels that will strengthen the navy as it plays a more dominant role in projecting the nation’s power overseas. The 075 Landing Helicopter Dock is now under construction by a Shanghai-based shipbuilding company. The amphibious vessel is far larger than similar ships previously constructed for the PLA Navy.

Writing in the Beijing-controlled South China Morning Post on 29 March 2017, Minnie Chan reported that China’s navy commander, Vice-Admiral Shen Jinlong, visited the Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Company, which specialises in building Landing Helicopter Dock ships. One source close to the navy said Shen’s inspection trip confirmed construction work was underway on the new class of vessel. “Construction of the Type 075 ships will take two more years,” the source said. “The first vessel may be launched as early as 2019 and put into full service in 2020.”

On 26 March 2017, Navy commander Shen Jinlong and his entourage visited Hudong China Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., an important indication for the construction of naval equipment. China Shipbuilding Group Party Secretary, chairman Dong Qiang, deputy party secretary, general manager Wu Qiang said they would live up to the Navy chief expectations, keep in mind the mission, the courage to play, the military serves the country.

The development of the people's navy strength was nurtured by the growth of Hudong China. Hudong China is the landing ship "cradle", and the construction of various types of warships is the main force of the people of the Navy. Sixty years of military development process has become the pursuit of Hudong China. Company secretary of the party committee, chairman Chen Jianliang to the Navy chief report on the production and operation. The members of the company's leadership team participated in the briefing.

In July 2015 a Chinese military website released photos of a model of China's new Type 075-class amphibious landing helicopter assault ship, as reported by Phoenix Television on July 12. According to the report, the Type 075-class amphibious landing helicopter assault ship has a displacement of 40,000 tons, with four take-off and landing spots dedicated to helicopters. The ship was also built with a huge well deck below the hanger of the vessel, which was designed to carry an unknown number of inflatable landing craft. The report said that the ship has a similar appearance to the 25,000-ton amphibious landing helicopter assault ship that was displayed at the International Defence Exhibition held at Abu Dhabi in 2012.

On CCTV-4's "Today's Focus" on 13 November 2012 CCTV Commentator Major General [Rear Admiral?] Yin Zhuo mentioned twice a 40,000-ton landing ship, the first YinZhuo in answer to moderator about WZ10 whether on aircraft carriers, when Yin Zhuo said, may be at an amphibious landing ship, our new amphibious landing ship, of 40,000 tons. The second time was then approaching the end of the program, when he answer questions about the 2020 Chinese military mechanization, the ship was once again mentioned.

When the host asked whether WZ-10 aircraft carrier will be deployed, Major General Yin Zhuo replied: "WZ-10 and WZ-19 may [fly from] the amphibious assault ship - we are now developing a new generation of amphibious ship of greater tonnage, the 40,000-ton amphibious assault ship. In the future of large-scale assault helicopters, we need this armed helicopter escort." Also, he simply said: "In the future also have assault helicopter assault ship, WZ-10 is to give the escort for the 40,000 ton amphibious ship being developed!" Program, Major General Yin Zhuo certainly admitted that Chinese armed helicopters will be equipped with the Marines.

With the WZ-10 helicopter gunships in mass production, it is expected the aircraft will be Chinese land, sea and air combat helicopters universal medium, although it will first make sure that the use of the Army Air Assault team. But as the world's major maritime country, China's low-altitude naval assault ability is weak, with China is now faced with a very uncoordinated external situation. Some analysts have pointed out, the amphibious assault ship equipment will mean that China will be capable of force delivery in any country within the three island chain. In a Sino-Japanese military conflict, China will be able to conduct landing operations in Okinawa and the Japanese mainland.

One unofficial discussion of the the design of a 30,000-ton amphibious helicopter frigate propoosed basic parameters of a length of 246 m [800 feet], width 40.85 m, draft of 8.8 meters; flight deck length of 240 meters, width of 38.5 meters; powered by two steam turbines, power 138,000 horsepower; maximum speed of 24, endurance 9500 sea miles / 17 ; crew of 980 people. A displacement of 26,000 tons full load displacement of 30,000 tons.

There are three decks high and can store 8 Z8 helicopters, 12 WZ10 armed helicopters, six anti-submarine helicopters or four Z9 K28 helicopters. Hangar below deck aft portion is 83 meters long dock space, can carry 12 mechanized landing craft air cushion landing craft or 3,; dock space in front of the vehicle is a two-story cabin, can be loaded with tanks and other vehicles around. The frigate's carrying troops and their equipment, and materials landing capacity would typically be landing troops landing in order to assist 80 people, four Type 99 main battle tanks, 12 light armored vehicles, six howitzers, 68 trucks, fuel trucks and other types of vehicles.

The ships have a more complete medical facility after the hospital ship, the ship has 400 beds and more operating room, clinic, etc. Weapon Systems might include 32 HQ16 vertical air defense missile launching system HHQ10 two short-range air defense missile system, 730 short-range defense system 2 has a blinding laser weapons system 2 automatic 30mm cannon, and two electronic jammers.

"Foreign scholars," said the Chinese military forum in early August 2013 exposure Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Group shipyard [31°21'09" 121°44'28"] construction in a series of photos of the vessel, by many analysts believe this was evidence that China has started the construction of aircraft carriers of the. "Foreign Policy" website provided a careful analysis of these photos, noting the photo is much larger than the top of the bottom of the hull, in line with the characteristics of the aircraft carrier. Reports speculated that China-made aircraft carrier is likely to differ with Liaoning ship, aircraft will use the catapult takeoff mode. "Jane's Defense Weekly" used Digital Globe satellite images taken of Changxing to confirm this group of photos. The ship's hull was being built around the dock near commercial vessels. The report also mentioned that the shipyard had hung out banners, saying it "has the determination and ability to build China's first a large surface combatants."

But Chinese reports claimed that these reports had mistakenly identified a Chinese amphibious assault ship being built as carriers. Reports claimed "has been corroborated Ukrainian military sources", the ship is able to simultaneously carry helicopters and hovercraft amphibious assault ship. Allegedly, it will enter service in early 2015, with a displacement of up to 35,000 tons, twice that of the existing 071-type landing ship of the PLAN, but also much larger than Japan's newly-launched "Izumo" helicopter carrier. It was expected that this new type of amphibious assault ship can carry four hovercraft and 20 helicopters. "Foreign scholars," said the Chinese military experts had previously acknowledged that China was building similar to the US "Wasp" class multipurpose amphibious assault ship like the 40,000-ton landing ship, but also equipped with a WZ-19 adn WZ-10 helicopter gunships to provide cover for heavy transport helicopter landing troops. Pentagon "2013 edition Chinese Military Power Report," also mentioned that in five years China will build 081 helicopter landing ship, but at that time that its displacement of about 20,000 tons.

The Chinese Navy's amphibious assault ship has become the next focus of attention. According to the Hong Kong "South China Morning Post", a 29 March 2017 article said that China woud begine the construction of the Navy's largest amphibious assault ship. Sources said China had begun to build a new generation of large amphibious assault ship. Military sources said the Type 075 helicopter docking ship was currently being built by a Shanghai shipbuilding company. The Chinese naval commander, Shen Jinlong, visited the company on 16 March 2017. Navy's sources said Shen Jinlong's inspection confirmed a new generation of amphibious assault ship was under construction.

The 075 amphibious assault ship could be built two years, with the first ship in the water by 2019, and in full service in 2020. Military experts stated the 075 amphibious assault ship with 36,000 tons of displacement can be called the "sea beast". It can carry 28 helicopters, equipped with near defense weapons systems and double red flag-10 missile weapon system and a new electronic warfare system. The Type 075 amphibious assault ship also made significant progress in the amphibious combat command ability, to achieve the amphibious combat "centralized command, comprehensive control, hierarchical management."

In the future the ship can be equipped with WZ-10 armed helicopters, they can ultra-low altitude penetration flight, attack ability, high viability, the machine can carry a variety of weapons, such as airborne anti-tank missiles, and aviation rockets. Strong, with high precision, these are suitable for the implementation of the ground surprise task, and can stay at any time near the battlefield, the relevant fire requests for rapid response. With China's naval amphibious assault ship, the Chinese Marine Corps may also need to set up their own aviation squadron, equipped with WZ-10 armed helicopters, WZ-20 general helicopters and future heavy helicopters, so as to comprehensively improve the Chinese marines combat capability.

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