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Hull Naming and Numbering System

There are special regulations for naming naval vessels. The regulations stipulate that large (class) ships, such as aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and cruisers that will be available, are named after the general public by the name of administrative province (or municipality), such as Liaoning. The second and lower ships are named by the Navy. Destroyers, frigates, etc. are named after large and medium-sized cities such as Qingdao and Shenyang. Landing ships are named after the mountains, such as the dock landing ship Yimeng Mountain just entered. No.; Supply ships are named after the lake, such as the Weishan Lake and Qinghai Lake numbers escorted by oceans.

The number of the vessel (also known as the ship number, which is a number written on both sides of the ship) is also regular, the destroyer is a three-digit number starting with "1"; the frigate is a three-figure number starting with "5"; the supply ship The number is three digits starting with "8"; the landing craft is a three-digit number starting with "9"; each type of ship has 99 positions available for numbering.

The Navy can use the a new number to re-enable the decommissioned vessel numbers. This is also an international practice. This is conducive to the inheritance of honor and history. It has a strong incentive effect for the military. Sea Bing 722 is an example of the old numbering of auxiliary ships reused. The new ship has increased its displacement by more than 1,000 tons compared with the old ship.

Auxiliary ships are named after the sea area and nature plus number, such as East drag XXX, North cable XXX, South save XXX, etc. Sea ice 722 is facing the whole sea area, is an icebreaker, it has a prefix of sea ice. The number of the other ships in service are "Sea Bing 721" and "Sea Bing 723".

Pre-2012 Nomenclature System

Prior to December 2012, the PLAN used the hull numbering system described below. The new hull numbering system is not yet well understood.

Submarine Hull Numbers

The PLAN assigned 3-digit hull numbers to its submarines as follows:

  • Nuclear submarines had 4xx hull numbers
  • Conventional submarines had 2xx or3xx hull numbers

Vessel Hull Numbers

The PLAN assigned 3-digit hull numbers to its destroyers and frigates as follows:

  • Destroyers had 1xx hull numbers
  • Frigates had 5xx hull numbers

In addition, vessels above battalion leader grade had 3-digit hull numbers. These include submarine chasers, minesweeper ships, serviceships, landing ships, and some escort boats. Small combatants have a 4-digit pennant number,the first digit of which signifies area subordination. Furthermore, company leader-gradeboats have 4-digit hull numbers. These include minesweeper boats, service ships, landing craft, missile speedboats, missile boats, and some escort boats. The system for hull numbers on auxiliaries consists of a 3-digit number preceded by two or more Chinese characters describing the ship's fleet and function. For example, "nanshui" is an SSF water tanker: The first character shows the fleet as follows:

  • "Bei" for North Sea Fleet
  • "Dong" for East Sea Fleet
  • "Nan" for South Sea Fleet

The second character showed the function as follows:

  • "Jiao" for transport
  • "Jiu" for salvage
  • "Jun" for dredge
  • "Kang" for hospital
  • "Shui" for water tanker
  • "Tuo" for tug
  • "Xiu" for repair
  • "You" for oiler

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