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PLA/PLAAF Hull Naming and Numbering System

The land and air force boat was painted with a blue-gray paint on the hull waterline, a green paint on the deck, and a white paint on the side. The boat number has changed several times since the 1950s and was originally compiled for each boat unit, usually in multiple digits. Since 1960, the General Logistics Department has issued a unified letter to a pinyin letter plus three digits. The letter is generally the first letter of the name of the military region. For example, the Fuzhou Military Region is F, the Jinan Military Region is J, and the Shenyang Military Region is S. In 1971, it was revised again to a pinyin letter plus four digits. The letter case is roughly the same as before, but the unit of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission is W, the shipyard is X, and the corresponding Wuhan Military Region is U. In 2006, the ship's ship's number was changed to the current style - using two uppercase pinyin letters combined with three digits.

These are vessels, not affiliated with the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, but transport boats belonging to the Army's boat fleet (of course, it also uses the Air Force logo inexplicably). At present, these ships mainly include ships belonging to the headquarters, the army, the air force and the armed police forces (non-sea police). The unit to which it belongs is generally called the shipping (water transport) brigade. In the ship's number, generally two-digit plus three-digit (except for the Armed Police Force), specifically.

With the launch of a new round of national defense and military reforms, the original seven military regions were abolished, five major theaters were established, and the newly established Central Military Commission Joint Service Support Force, the adaptation of the boating units and the changes in the boat number have yet to be observed as of 2017.

First letter: indicates the unit

  • A - Headquarters
  • K - Air Force

    [pre 2016]
  • B - Beijing Military Region
  • G - Guangzhou Military Region
  • L - Lanzhou Military Region
  • J - Jinan Military Region
  • N - Nanjing Military Region
  • S - Shenyang Military Region

    [post 2016, possible]
  • B - bei = North Military Theater
  • D - dong = East Military Theater
  • N - nan = South Military Theater
  • X - xi = West Military Theater
  • Z - zhong yang = Central Military Theater

Second letter: indicates the type

  • D - landing craft
  • G - engineering ship
  • J - Transportation boat
  • L - training ship
  • P - barge
  • T - tugboat
  • U - tanker
  • X - patrol boat
  • Y - transport ship
  • Z - Reconnaissance boat

Reconnaissance fishing vessels are separately listed. Among the armed police units, except for the ships equipped by the Marine Police Force, the ship numbers of other ships are mostly WJ plus four digits.

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