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People's Liberation Army Navy

Bernhard Zand wrote in Der Spiegel September 10, 2012: "One country that could give China good advice, a country whose historians are well versed in naval policies and in arms races on the high seas, is Germany. A century ago, Berlin stood where Beijing is now, as an emerging economic power that was admired, envied and feared. At the time, Germany wanted a navy that would broadcast its self-confidence to the world, one that could rival the worlds greatest naval force of the era, the British Navy. That plan almost succeeded. But it didnt end well."
Surface Forces Submarine Force Naval Air Force
Coastal Defense Force Marine Corps
Commander, PLAN
North Sea Fleet East Sea Fleet South Sea Fleet
Submarine, NSF Submarine, ESF Submarine, SSF
Conventional Sub Flotilla Conventional Sub Flotilla Conventional Sub Flotilla
1st Nuclear Sub Flotilla
Surface Force, NSF Surface Force, ESF Surface Force, SSF
Destroyer Flotilla Destroyer Flotilla Destroyer Flotilla
Speedboat Flotilla Speedboat Flotilla Speedboat Flotilla
Suport Vessel Flotilla Suport Vessel Flotilla Suport Vessel Flotilla
Landing Ship Flotilla Landing Ship Flotilla
Sub Chaser / Frigate Flotilla
Naval AF, NSF Naval AF, ESF Naval AF, SSF
U/I Fighter DIV 4th Fighter DIV 8th Fighter DIV
U/I Fighter/Bomber DIV 6th Fighter DIV 9th Fighter DIV
U/I Bomber DIV Radar Brigade Radar Brigade
Radar Brigade
AAA Regiment
Coastal Defense Force, NSF Coastal Defense Force, ESF Coastal Defense Force, SSF
Shore-to-Ship Missile RGT Shore-to-Ship Missile BN Shore-to-Ship Missile BN
AAA Regiment AAA Regiment
Shore-Ship Missile and AAA RGT
Marine Corps, SSF
1st Marine BDE
164th Marine BDE

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