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Army Boat Unit Boats

Today, the PLA Army Boats have been equipped with landing craft, patrol boats, transport vessels, and engineering vessels. Some of the troops are even equipped with hovercraft and ground-effect wing aircraft, and some have begun to equip troop ships, RO-RO ships and self-propelled floating docks with a displacement of thousands of tons. The largest and most interesting boat in the active service of the Army Boats is the "Yuanwang" series of measuring vessels.

The main boat equipment are:

  • D - landing craft can directly load and unload personnel, vehicles, materials, etc. on the shore beach, and derives models such as water transport vessels, waterline vessels, repair vessels, and sanitary vessels;
  • G - engineering work vessels, including waterline workboats (cable workboats), diving workboats, dredgers, repair vessels, etc.;
  • J - Transportation boat, mainly used for personnel transportation;
  • L - Training boat for training teaching.
  • P - Barges are divided into two types: self-propelled and non-self-propelled, mainly including landing barges, dry cargo barges, oil barges, mud barges, and food barges;
  • T - tugboat mainly carry out towing and towing missions at sea, and inland tugboats can tow and push the barge fleet;
  • U - tanker
  • X - patrol boat, mainly border guard patrol boats, used for border river patrols;
  • Y - transport vessels, including dry cargo transport vessels, liquid cargo transport vessels, refrigerated transport vessels, multi-purpose transport vessels, border protection integrated supply vessels, etc.;
  • Z - Reconnaissance boat for coastal and offshore reconnaissance, mainly used by amphibious reconnaissance teams;

These are just a few of the many boats and vessels operated by the PLA.

Type 98G high speed patrol boat

Main size L B H (m): 12.46 3.138 1.68
Crew (person) 6-10
Equipped with power (HP) 425 2
Speed (Km/h) >90
Navigation area near shore

Type 982EK water jet patrol boat

Main size L B H (m) 11.50 3.15 1.05
Crew 7
Equipped with power (HP) 450
Speed (Km/h) 57
Navigation area Class B

528-type reconnaissance patrol boat

  • GZ342 (Guangyi 342 boat, it is now unclear)
  • Type 529 reconnaissance patrol boat

    (Guijiang Shipyard)
  • NZ383 (Southern China)
  • JZ143
  • GZ341
  • SZ226
  • Type 928/928B patrol boat

  • Type 928 LJ305 (Banggong Lake Fleet)
  • Type 928B LJ304 (Banggong Lake Fleet)
  • GJ831


    A new type of traffic vessel GJ831 equipped with the Sansha Garrison.



    50-ton landing craft ND511 boat, the port number is "South" - "Deng", the side of the NY509 ship's side number indicates that this is a landing boat-type transport vessel, with a dedicated fresh water tank, can transport fresh water for the Haiphong troops.

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