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Mortar Cartridges

The three primary types of mortar fires are as follows:

    High explosive. High-explosive rounds are used to suppress or kill enemy dismounted infantry, mortars, and other supporting weapons, and to interdict the movement of men, vehicles and supplies in the enemy's forward area. Bursting WP rounds are often mixed with high-explosive rounds to enhance their suppressive and destructive effects.

    Obscuration. Obscuration rounds are used to conceal friendly forces as forces maneuver or assault, and to blind enemy supporting weapons. Obscuration can be used to isolate a portion of the enemy force while it is destroyed piecemeal. Some mortar rounds use bursting WP to achieve this obscuration; others employ more efficient technology. Bursting WP is also used to mark targets for engagement by other weapons, usually aircraft, and for signaling.

    Illumination. Illumination rounds are used to reveal the location of enemy forces hidden by darkness. They allow the commander to confirm or deny the presence of the enemy without revealing the location of friendly direct-fire weapons. Illumination fires are often coordinated with HE fires to both expose the enemy and to kill or suppress him.

60-mm Mortar Cartridges

    OLD SERIES [surplus/obsolete]
  • M3 60mm Sabot Practice Cartridge
  • M49 60mm HE Cartridge
  • M50A2 60mm TP Practice Cartridge
  • M69 60mm TP Practice Cartridge
  • M83A3 60mm Illuminating Cartridge
  • M302A1 60mm Smoke Cartridge

81-mm Mortar Cartridges

107-mm [4.2 Inch] Mortar Cartridges

  • M2 107mm HT/HD Gas Cartridge
  • M328 107mm Smoke Cartridge
  • M329 107mm HE Cartridge
  • M335A2 107mm Illuminating Cartridge
  • M630 107mm CS Gas Cartridge

120-mm Mortar Cartridges

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