XM929/XM929E1 120mm Mortar Smoke (White Phosphorus) Cartridge

The XM929/XM929E1, smoke is a 120mm mortar cartridge which utilizes White Phosphorus (WP) impregnated felt payload to provide obscuration screening on impact. It achieves ranges from 300 - 7200 meters with the M120/M121 Battalion Mortar System.

The M929 Cartridge is designed for use with the M120 and M121 120mm Mortar Systems for screening and obscuration missions. The 1045 steel projectile is loaded with felt wedges which are impregnated with white phosphorus (WP). The M929 is equipped with the M734A1 Multi-Option Fuze (the XM929 version is equipped with the M745 Point Detonating Fuze which functions in the Impact or Delay mode). When the fuze functions it initiates a Composition B burster charge which ruptures the projectile and disperses the WP-saturated felt wedges. The WP begins to burn upon contact with air and generates the required smoke cloud. Each M929 cartridge is packed in a PA153 Fiber Container and two packed rounds are assembled into a PA154 Metal Overpack.

The M929 consists of the following major components:

  • Projectile Body Assembly
  • M230 Propelling Charge (with M45 Propellant)
  • M981 Ignition Cartridge (with M44 Propellant)
  • M31 Fin Assembly
  • XM86 Burster
  • M734A1 Multi-Option Fuze
  • PA153 Fiber Container
  • PA154 Metal Overpack
Charge Zone
0 101 m/s 200 m 1000 m
1 165 m/s 500 m 2500 m
2 220 m/s 850 m 4100 m
3 270 m/s 1200 m 5800 m
4 318 m/s 1600 m 7200 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........16 rounds/min (first minute)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........4 rounds/min
Cartridge Weight..........13.65 kg (30 lb)

Contractor: Martin Marietta Ordnance Systems
Procurement Type: R&D Contract w/Production Options
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price
Production Qty: 46630
Scope: NDI Acquisition Prove-out/On shore production.

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