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M722 60mm Smoke Cartridge

The M722 Smoke Cartridge is designed for use with the M224 60mm Mortar System and is used as a spotting/marking round. The steel projectile is loaded with bulk white phosphorus. The M722 is equipped with the M745 Point Detonating Fuze which functions in the Impact mode. When the fuze functions, an M85 burster ruptures the projectile and disperses the white phosphorus.

The M722 consists of the following major components:

  • Projectile Body Assembly
  • M85 Burster
  • M204 Propelling Charge
  • M702 Ignition Cartridge
  • M27 Fin Assembly
  • M745 Point Detonating Fuze
Charge Zone
1124 m/s200 m900 m
2170 m/s300 m1800 m
3210 m/s450 m2600 m
4244 m/s600 m3200 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........30 rounds/min (4 minutes)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........20 rounds/min
Cartridge Weight..........1.68 kg (3.7 lb)
M722 Type Classified Standard..........July 1987

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