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XM983 120mm Infrared (IR) Illuminating Cartridge

The XM983 120mm Infrared (IR) Illuminating Cartridge provides the user a 120mm Infrared Illuminating Cartridge for use with the M120/M121 Mortar System. The Illumination can not be detected by the human eye in the target area but enhances the capabilities of Passive Night Vision Devices.

The XM930 & XM983 Cartridges are designed for use with the M120 and M121 120mm Mortar Systems for illuminating target areas to facilitate adjustment of fire. The projectile is loaded with an illuminant candle assembly and parachute assembly. The XM930 and XM983 are identical with the exception of the illuminant candle composition. The XM930 contains a standard illuminant mix which provides approximately 1 million candlepower of light whereas the XM983 contains an infrared illuminant mix for use with standard night vision devices. The XM930/983 is equipped with the M776 Mechanical Time Fuze which functions at a user-specified time after launch. When the fuze functions it initiates the candle assembly and separates the front and rear projectile segments. A spring located in the rear body ejects the parachute assembly. As the parachute deploys, the candle burns for 50-60 seconds, providing the required illumination over the target area. Each XM930/983 cartridge is packed in a PA153 Fiber Container and two packed rounds are assembled into a PA154 Metal Overpack.

The XM930/983 consists of the following major components:

  • Projectile Body Assembly
  • M230 Propelling Charge (with M45 Propellant)
  • M981 Ignition Cartridge (with M44 Propellant)
  • M31 Fin Assembly
  • M776 Mechanical Time Super Quick Fuze
  • Illuminant Candle Assembly
  • Parachute Assembly
  • PA153 Fiber Container
  • PA154 Metal Overpack
Charge Zone
1165 m/s400 m2200 m
2220 m/s700 m3800 m
3270 m/s950 m5500 m
4318 m/s3600 m6900 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........16 rounds/min (first minute)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........4 rounds/min
Height of Burst..........500 m
Burn Time..........50 sec
Cartridge Weight..........13.65 kg (30 lb)

Contractor: Pine Bluff Arsenal
Procurement Type: GOGO
Previous Contracts: 0
Contract Type: Development
Production Qty: 724
Scope: To develop US Government IR Cartridge.

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