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Subcourse Number IN0202


United States Army Infantry School
Fort Benning, Georgia 31905

8 Credit Hours

Edition Date: November 1995


This subcourse is designed to teach you the doctrine, missions, tactics, techniques, and battle drills established for and/or used by mechanized infantry squads equipped with the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV).

There are no prerequisites for this subcourse.

This subcourse reflects the doctrine which was current at the time it was prepared. In your own work situation, always refer to the latest publications.

The words "he," "him," "his," and "men," when used in this publication, represent both the masculine and feminine genders unless otherwise stated.


ACTION: Explain the doctrine, missions, tactics, techniques, and battle drills established for and/or used by mechanized infantry squads (BFV).
CONDITION: Given the information in this subcourse.
STANDARD: You must attain a score of 70 percent, or more, on the subcourse examination.



Subcourse Overview
Lesson 1:   Doctrine
  Part A:   Organization
  Part B:   Fundamentals
  Part C:   Operations
  Practice Exercise
Lesson 2:   Operations
  Part A:   Command and Control
  Part B:   Security
  Part C:   Movement
  Part D:   Offense
  Practice Exercise (A,B,C,D)
  Part E:   Defense
  Part F:   Other Operations
  Part G:   Fire Support
  Part H:   Combat Service Support
  Practice Exercise (E,F,G,H)
  Part I:   Bradley Fighting Vehicle and Tank Operations
  Part J:   Obstacles
  Part K:   Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Operations
  Part L:   Observation Posts
  Part M:   Limited Visibility Techniques
  Practice Exercise (I,J,K,L,M)
Lesson 3:   Battle Drills and Crew Drill
  Part A:   Battle Drill
  Battle Drill 1:   Platoon Attack (Dismounted)
  Battle Drill 1A:   Platoon Attack (Mounted)
  Battle Drill 2:   React to Contact (Platoon or Squad) (Dismounted)
  Battle Drill 2A:   Break Contact (Section or Platoon) (Mounted)
  Battle Drill 3:   Break Contact (Platoon or Squad) (Dismounted)
  Battle Drill 3A:   Break Contact (Section or Platoon) (Mounted)
  Battle Drill 4:   React to Ambush (Platoon or Squad) (Dismounted)
  Battle Drill 4A:   React to Ambush (Platoon) (Mounted)
  Battle Drill 5:   Enter Building/Clear Room/ Building (Platoon)
  Battle Drill 6:   Enter/Clear Trench (Platoon)
  Battle Drill 7:   Knock Out Bunkers (Platoon)
  Battle Drill 8:   Conduct Initial Breach of a Mined Wire Obstacle (Platoon)
  Part B:   Crew Drills
  Crew Drill 1:   Bail Out (Crew/Fire Team)
  Crew Drill 2:   Evacuate Injured Personnel From a BFV
  Crew Drill 3:   Extinguish a Fire (Crew)
  Crew Drill 4:   Dismount the Vehicle (Platoon/Squad)
  Crew Drill 5:   Mount the Vehicle (Platoon/Section)
  Crew Drill 6:   Change Formation (Mounted) (Platoon)
  Crew Drill 7:   Secure at the Halt (Platoon)
  Crew Drill 8:   Execute Action Right or Left (Platoon)
  Crew Drill 9:   Load the 25-mm Ammunition Ready Box (HE or AP)
  Crew Drill 10:   Engage Targets With the 25-mm Automatic Gun or 7.62-mm Coax (Crew)
  Crew Drill 11:   Reload a TOW Launcher (Crew)
  Crew Drill 12:   Engage Targets With the TOW (Crew)
  Crew Drill 13:   Remove a Misfired TOW (Crew)
  Crew Drill 14:   Load, Unload and Stow Grenades for the M257 Smoke Grenade Launcher (Crew)
  Crew Drill 15:   Destroy or Abandon an M2 BFV (Crew)
  Crew Drill 16:   Perform Before-, During-, and After-Combat-Operation Checks (Crew)
  Practice Exercise


IN0202 Edition B Examination



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