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28 January 2000 Military News

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Other Conflicts

  • ON THE SITUATION IN THE NORTH CAUCASUS VALERY L. MANILOV Colonel General, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces 28.01.2000 -- The visible positive changes have become irreversible in a number of districts of Chechnya liberated from the bandits, namely in the Nadterechny, Naursky, Shelkovskaya, the rural Grozny and Gudermes districts. There are two zones of hostilities. The first is Grozny, where fierce fighting is still under way. A substantial group of fighters is deployed there, and those who underrate its ability to fight simply don't know what they are talking about. About a half of this 3,000-strong group are mercenaries, who are fighting for very good money. No wonder they fight to the last bullet, because they have no alternative. The second zone of serious fighting is the entrance to the Argun gorge outside Duba-Yurt. There are 6,000-8,000 fighters in the mountain regions in the south. We lost 873 in dead since August, when fighting broke out in Daghestan, including 140 officers, 21 NCOs and 712 sergeants and privates. A total of 2,376 have been wounded, including 330 officers and 2,046 privates and sergeants.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA / ANNAN Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- Russia's acting president, Vladimir Putin, says Russia supports the United Nation's humanitarian efforts in the North Caucasus, but gave no indication to visiting U-N Secretary General Kofi Annan that Russia would bow to Western pressure to halt the offensive.
  • U-N-H-C-R / CHECHEN REFUGEES Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- The United Nations Refugee Agency, U-N-H-C-R, says thousands of people are continuing to flee fierce fighting in Chechnya.

  • UNICEF-TIMOR Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- The head of the United Nations Children's Fund, Carol Bellamy said today (Friday) that many of the refugees in West Timor are awaiting that start of the planting season before returning home to East Timor.
  • PRESS BRIEFING BY UNICEF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ON VISIT TO EAST TIMOR AND INDONESIA 28 January 2000 -- Since September 1999, UNICEF activities in East Timor had focused on a major immunization campaign.

  • FORMER YUGOSLAVIA'S FUTURE Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- The area comprising the former Yugoslavia has been plagued over the past decade by wars, ethnic strife, economic decline and repressive government. However, several events have taken place recently that give hope that the cycle of repression and violence may be broken.
  • INDONESIA / AMBON Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- Some of the latest violence to rock Indonesia has taken place in the eastern province of Maluku -- the chain of islands formerly known as the Spice Islands.
  • U-N / CYPRUS Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- A senior United Nations official says he believes the improved climate between Greece and Turkey will boost U-N efforts to try to resolve the decades-long dispute over the divided island of Cyprus.
  • UNICEF / BURUNDI REFUGEES Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, says about 400 Burundian refugees are fleeing into Tanzania every day.
  • Masire Rates U.S.-U.N. Cooperation Vital To African Peace By Jim Fisher-Thompson USIA 28 January 2000 -- The man chosen by the United Nations to help facilitate a lasting peace in the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), former president of Botswana Sir Ketumile Masire, says U.S.-U.N. cooperation is "vital" to the successful resolution of fighting there and elsewhere in Africa.

News Reports

  • MEXICO-STUDENT STRIKE Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- The nine-month strike at Mexico's largest university appears to have reached a turning point. Striking students have agreed to meet with their non-striking counterparts in an effort to end the conflict.
  • INDONESIA / WAHID Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid has left the country for a 16 day-trip to help attract foreign investment to Indonesia's ailing economy.
  • STUDENTS DEMONSTRATE AGAINST CALTEX January 28, 2000 -- Following the riot, deployments of regular police, police mobile brigade, backed up by Indonesian military units insured the restoration of a fragile peace in the vicinity of the unrest.
  • ZANZIBAR TREASON Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- In Zanzibar, the government appears to have avoided a showdown with opposition activists, as the island's controversial treason trial has been adjourned.
  • U-S / BURMA REFUGEES Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- Thailand is asking the United Nations to speed up sending Burmese asylum seekers to Western countries. The United States says it agrees to take more Burmese exiles.
  • SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION TO MAP EARTH THREE-DIMENSIONALLY Lockheed Martin 28 Jan 2000 -- The next Space Shuttle mission – STS-99, featuring the orbiter Endeavour and an astronaut crew of six – is currently scheduled for launch at 11:47 a.m. Central Standard Time on Monday, January 31, with a launch window of two hours.

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