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19 January 2000 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • INDONESIA / MILITARY Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- With the end of the Suharto era, the military's dominance is now being questioned, especially the doctrine of "dwi-fungsi" - or dual-functions.

Defense Industry

  • GE and Volvo Expand Cooperation Into F414 Engine GE Aviation 19 Jan 2000 -- GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) and Volvo Aero Corporation of Sweden have reached a long-term agreement under which Volvo will manufacture designated components for GEAE's F414-GE-400 fighter engine.

Other Conflicts

  • SECRETARY-GENERAL, WARNING OF ‘HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE’ IN BURUNDI, STRONGLY URGES COOPERATION WITH NEW ‘FACILITATOR’ NELSON MANDELA Press Release SG/SM/7281 SC/6788 -- 19 January 2000 -- Of all the many crises and conflicts confronting us in Africa today, perhaps none is more urgent. Certainly in no other country is it so easy to imagine a repetition of what we have all sworn must never be repeated: ethnic killing on a genocidal scale.
  • SECURITY COUNCIL EXPRESSES STRONG SUPPORT FOR PEACE EFFORTS IN BURUNDI, FOLLOWING BRIEFING BY ‘FACILITATOR’ OF PEACE PROCESS, NELSON MANDELA Press Release SC/6787 - 19 January 2000 -- Following a briefing by former South African President Nelson Mandela on the situation in Burundi, the Security Council this morning warmly endorsed his designation as the new Facilitator of the peace process.
  • THE SECRETARY-GENERAL STATEMENT TO THE SECURITY COUNCIL ON THE SITUATION IN BURUNDI 19 January 2000 -- Since September alone, over 300,000 innocent men, women and children in the region surrounding Bujumbura have been herded into camps, where they are deprived not only of their freedom but of the most elementary means of subsistence.
  • Address by Nelson Mandela to the Security Council 19 January 2000 -- The parties have agreed on principles for the organisation of the defence and security forces, and on the missions of the army, the police force and the intelligence services. So far, however, they have failed to agree on a programme of reform of the present security forces; or on the issue of the integration of armed groups into the security forces.
  • The Situation in Burundi Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations United Nations Security Council -- January 19, 2000 --- The solution we seek in Burundi is what we seek for all of the conflicts in Africa and we will discuss the Congo next week. A peace not based on military stalemate, not on ethnic division or hatred, but a peace based on national reconciliation.
  • IASC STATEMENT ON FORCED RELOCATION (‘REGROUPEMENT’) IN BURUNDI Press Release IHA/694 - 19 January 2000 -- Since 20 September 1999, some 330,000 people living mainly in the province of Bujumbura rural, have been forcibly relocated by the Government into 53 sites. The impact of this action on the affected populations has been disastrous as the Government failed to prepare the sites or to make provision for food, water and shelter for those relocated.
  • MANDELA - BURUNDI Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- At the United Nations today (Wednesday), former South African President Nelson Mandela addressed an open session of the Security Council on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Burundi.

  • SPIES GET ILL AT EASE IN STAVROPOL REGION Rossiyskaya gazeta 18.01.2000 -- Bandits blocked by federal troops are trying to send their spies pretending to be civilians to Russian rear. Vigilance of people after series of explosions in Russia is growing weak. And intelligence and operative services are warning about readiness of militants to implement terrorist actions.
  • RUSSIA'S RIGHT AND DUTY TO RESTORE ORDER Anatoly Kolodkin, President of the Russian Association of international law Voice of Russia 19.01.2000 -- Chechnya is an integral part of Russia and that no country in the world has recognised it as an independent republic. We firmly state that Russia has all constitutional rights to take steps to restore law and order in any of its republics
  • RF MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS ABOUT THE VISIT OF THE ISLAMIC CONFERENCE ORGANISATION'S DELEGATION RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press and Information Department 19.01.2000 13:00 -- The Russian Minister stressed that terrorism, in whatever garb, is a common enemy both for us and for the Muslim countries, an enemy that should be resisted by joint efforts.
  • CENTRAL BUREAU OF INTERPOL ACTIVITIES IN RUSSIA ON FIGHTING AGAINST INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM VLADIMIR V. GORDIYENKO - Head of Central bureau of Interpol in Russia, Major General of Militia -- 19.01.2000 12:00 -- Eighty citizens of Russia have been put on the Interpol wanted list in connection with developments in Chechnya. The first proceedings were instituted after the Budennovsk tragedy under several articles, including terrorism, banditry, mass unrest, murders and kidnapping.
  • NORTH CAUCASUS AND GEOPOLITICAL INTERESTS OF RUSSIA IN EURASIAN CONTEXT Participants: LEONID G.IONIN – Doctor of Philosophy, professor KONSTANTIN M. TRUEVTZEV – deputy dean of applied politics department Higher Economics School state university ALEKSANDR P. MINEEV, RIA Novosti political analyst 19.01.2000 14:00 -- Chechnya constitutes a local factor, which will, sooner or later, recede into the background. Chechnya was perceived as an apparently insoluble problem some time ago, with some people thinking that it heralded the Russian state's incipient disintegration. However, there has now appeared some weighty evidence to the effect that Russia, which is ready to settle this problem, boasts the required potential for doing this.
  • CAUCASUS POWER PLAYS Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- The war in Chechnya there is not expected to end any time soon. And while it continues, experts say it creates instability throughout the Caucasus and jeopardizes Russia's regional interests, especially its oil business.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- Fighting is still raging between Russian troops and Chechen militants in Grozny. Russian field commanders claim their forces now control a large public square and a strategic bridge over the Sunzha River near the center.

  • TURKEY / HIZBOLLAH Voice of America 19 January 2000 --Istanbul police shot dead Huseyin Velioglu the leader of the most deadly faction of the armed Islamic group known as Hizbollah.
  • SUDAN / UGANDA Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- Sudan and Uganda broke relations with each accusing the other of helping arm and train rebels across the border. Former U-S President Jimmy Carter is sponsoring efforts to reconcile the East African neighbors.
  • INDONESIA / UNREST Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- At least three people are dead and six others injured in three days or rioting on the Indonesian resort island of Lombok.
  • LOMBOK-VIOLENCE Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- Violence in Indonesia has spread to the island of Lombok. The outbreak has sent a scare through Lombok's popular tourist industry.
  • S-A-F / CONGO Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- Congo-Kinshasa President Laurent Kabila has accused South Africa of supporting his country's enemies - a charge that could compromise efforts by President Thabo Mbeki's government to promote peace.
  • NATO / WAR CRIMES Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- The prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal has appealed to NATO ambassadors to let alliance troops be more aggressive in capturing indicted suspects in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • W-F-P / ANGOLAN REFUGEES Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- The United Nations World Food Program (W- F-P) is urgently appealing for money to fly in emergency food for more than seven-thousand Angolan refugees who have fled to western Zambia.
  • Communique of the Armed Forces for the liberation of Angola "FALA" No. 01/2000 THE NATIONAL UNION FOR THE TOTAL INDEPENDENCE OF ANGOLA [UNITA] 19 January 1999 -- In the pursuance of their patriotic duty, the FALA was engaged in the following military actions.

News Reports

  • EXTREMIST VIOLENCE IN EGYPT January 19, 2000 -- In calendar year 1999, the local press reported four deaths in terrorist related violence. Following is a summary of 1992-1999 fatalities, collected from local press reports.

  • STRIKE REFERENDUM Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- In Mexico, preparations are underway for a referendum on the strike that has closed the the National Autonomous University of Mexico, known as UNAM, since April.

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