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14 September 1999 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • Switzerland Chooses Boeing 30mm Chain Gun® Cannon Boeing 14 Sep 1999 -- Switzerland will join Norway and the United States and become the third nation to field a 30mm Chain Gun® cannon produced by The Boeing Company for its Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Other Conflicts

  • 14 September 1999 - DAILY PRESS BRIEFING OF OFFICE OF SECRETARY-GENERAL United Nations 14 Sep 1999
  • REPORT OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL MISSION TO JAKARTA AND DILI S/1999/976 - 14 September 1999 -- Reports by the Secretary-General to the Security Council during phase I of the popular consultation described the impunity with which pro-autonomy militias were allowed to carry out violent activity. But the scale and thoroughness of the destruction of East Timor in the past week has demonstrated a new level of open participation of the military in the implementation of what was previously a more veiled operation. This open military role has now been legitimized by the invocation of martial law. It was apparent to the Mission that this activity could not have occurred without the involvement of large elements of the Indonesian military and police. One aim of this was to rid the Territory of any international presence, including UNAMET, humanitarian workers and the media, thereby limiting outside observation. Another was to implement a coordinated, forced relocation programme in which tens of thousands of East Timorese have been moved to West Timor. There were consistent reports of the direct involvement of large elements of TNI and the police in this forced relocation campaign. The organized and coordinated nature of this campaign, the Territory-wide effort to force out UNAMET and other international presences and the lack of adequate response to militia violence despite the overwhelming superiority of TNI and the police all support the view that militia activities were organized and supported by parts of TNI. The involvement of large elements of the Indonesian military and police in East Timor in organizing and backing the unacceptably violent actions of the militias has become clear to any objective observer and was acknowledged publicly by the Minister of Defence on 11 September.
  • U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing 14 September 1999 -- EAST TIMOR -- Situation remains very serious. US continues to be concerned about safety of UNAMET personnel. Hundreds of thousands of East Timorese have been displaced. Discussions continue in New York at the UN on a security force to put into East Timor. UN Human Rights High Commissioner Mary Robinson working to establish commission of inquiry. US considering air drops for East Timor as a short-term solution. US citizen Allan Nairn apprehended this morning by Indonesian military. He may be deported tomorrow.
  • INDONESIA - U-S MILITARY Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The U-S House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly (419 to zero) to send a strong critical message to Indonesia's military -- and to the Pentagon Tuesday. The House wants to put even tighter restrictions on contacts between the U-S Military and Indonesian Armed Forces -- after some of Jakarta's troops attacked civilians in East Timor.
  • Text: UNHCR Briefing on E. Timor, Liberia, Kosovo Sept.14USIA 14 September 1999 -- Evidence of mass deportations in East Timor is causing alarm at the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). According to notes from a September 14 briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, spokesman Kris Janowski says the U.N. refugee agency is adamant that citizens shouldn't be forced to leave East Timor; and those taken against their will already must be allowed to return.
  • CLINTON - INDONESIA Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- President Clinton says it appears talks between Indonesia and the United Nations on the composition of an international peacekeeping force for East Timor are going well. Mr. Clinton is monitoring developments from Queenstown, New Zealand, where he spent a day of relaxation Tuesday
  • E. TIMOR / EVACUATION Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The United Nations has closed its besieged compound in East Timor after evacuating about 13-hundred frightened refugees from the violence torn capital of Dili.
  • E. TIMOR / INDONESIA Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The latest spasm of violence and killing to rock the province of East Timor has focused world attention on a long simmering problem. It has also triggered an emotional debate inside Indonesia that some people fear could tear the country apart.
  • EAST TIMOR EVACUATION Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The United Nations has evacuated its besieged compound in the East Timorese capital Dili Tuesday. U-N personnel have been trapped in the compound for almost two weeks, as pro-Indonesia militia groups rampaged through East Timor, looting, killing and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee.
  • EAST TIMOR EVACUATION Q&A Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The United Nations closed its compound in the strife-torn capital of East Timor Monday. Some 13 hundred East Timorese and most of the remaining U-N staff were evacuated to Darwin, Australia. Victor Beattie of VOA NEWS NOW in Washington spoke to Rafeal Epstein, a journalist with the Australian Broadcast Corporation in Darwin about the latest on the situation.
  • PEACEKEEPERS FOR EAST TIMOR Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The United States press is reacting with almost unanimous approval in its editorial columns to news that Indonesia has agreed to a force of international peacekeepers to regain order in East Timor.
  • U-N - TIMOR FORCE Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- Members of the United Nations Security Council say (Monday) they hope authorize an international force for East Timor within days for possible deployment by the end of the week.
  • UNHCR / EAST TIMOR Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The United Nations refugee agency says the refugee crisis in East Timor has reached dramatic proportions. The refugee agency says hundreds of thousands of East Timorese may have been uprooted from their homes.
  • BELO /VATICAN Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Belo from East Timor says it is the duty and responsibility of the international community to uphold the result of the territory's recent independence referendum. The Bishop spoke in the Vatican one-day after discussing the East Timor situation with Pope John Paul.
  • SIERRA LEONE / REFUGEES Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- The U-N Refugee Agency says the Liberian government has not granted permission to transfer thousands of Sierra Leonian refugees to safer camp sites. The refugees were forced out of their camps in Northern Liberia last month by fighting between government and rebel forces.

News Reports

  • RUSSIA / EXPLOSION Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says international saboteurs are behind two apartment blasts in Moscow that killed more than 210 people.
  • RUSSIA / FEAR Voice of America 14 September 1999 -- Police in Moscow have turned up several-tons of explosives during a building to building search that began after bombs destroyed two high-rise apartment blocs, killing more than 200 people. Muscovites are adjusting to the new reality of living with terrorism.

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