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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Soviet Designation TU-160
US-Designation Blackjack
Design Bureau OKB-156 Tupolev
Manufacturer Plant Nr. 22 Kazan
Power Plant 4 HK-32 turbojet engines
Thrust 25.000 kg each
Length 54.1
Height 13.1
Wingspan 35.6m (minimum), 55.7m (maximum)
Wing Surface 232 sqm
Speed 2200 km/h (maximum), 1030 km/h (ground)
Ceiling 16.000m
Weight (empty) 110.000kg
Fuel weight 148.000 kg
Maximum take-off weight 275.000 kg
Normal load 9.000 kg
Maximum load 40.000
Range 14.000 km (with a load of 9.000kg)
10.500 km (with a load of 40.000 kg)
Armament 12 H-55 or 24 H-15 missiles
free falling bombs
Crew 4
Unit cost  
Development began 1975
First Flight 12/19/1981
Series production started 1984
Date deployed 1987
  • Tu-160 or Tu-160S: standard serial version, primarily for firing surface-to-air missiles with nuclear warhead and secondarily for conventional weapons attacks
  • Tu-160E: a fictional version of Dale Brown's "Leadership Material" short story, practically "Russian Megafortress"
  • Tu-160K: project of two aircraft ballistic missile carrier Krecet-R
  • Tu-160M: extended version project with four hypersonic surface-to-air missiles Ch-90 (3M25A Meteorit-A, AS-X-19 Koala); apparently a mock-up was
  • Tu-160M: second use of the name, current program of comprehensive modernization
  • Tu-160P: Heavy Fighter Project to Escort Attacking Tu-160s Armed with Medium and Long Range Air-To-Air Missiles
  • Tu-160PP: electronic jammer project for escorts of tu-160 attackers; probably a mock-up was built
  • Tu-160R: strategic reconnaissance aircraft project
  • Tu-160SK or Tu-160SC: Burlak space rocket carrier; this project was redesigned to international Burlak-Diana, then stopped and restored again as a purely Russian Burlak
  • Tu-160V: project version with hydrogen fuel engines; in addition to the engines, it should also be distinguished by an enlarged fuselage with special liquefied hydrogen tanks
  • Tu-160 NK-74: design version with new NK-74 engines and greater range
  • Tu-160 Voron: a project to carry a hypersonic unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft Voron, which was supposed to be the equivalent of an American D-21
  • Tu-161: a long-range interceptor project to attack Us aircraft over the Atlantic using twelve air-to-air long-range missiles
  • Tu-170: a project version for conventional strikes that would not fall under the SALT 2 disarmament contract; the results of the development were used in the modernization of serial Tu-160

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