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Tu-160MP Modifikasi Passazhira

Tu-160MP Modifikatsia PassazhiraVladimir Vladimirovich Putin hinted that it would be nice to make a passenger version of the Tu-160. Not surprisingly, exactly exactly two hours later, the representatives of the aircraft industry reported that they were already working on such an airplane. "UAC is currently working on a number of promising projects, including a supersonic passenger aircraft in which the developments and technologies used in the Tu-160 aircraft can be used", - specified in the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

A military columnist, retired colonel Viktor Baranets, commented on the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to create a civil supersonic aircraft. "Now Putin has actually turned on the green light in front of this idea, I think we will have the money, and we have always had enough of this mind.In spite of all the dramatic pages in our aircraft industry, despite the fact that we lost many positions in the 1990s , Russia is now on the wing".

Russian air expert Vadim Lukashevich noted that the idea of ??Russian President Vladimir Putin about the civil version of a supersonic aircraft based on Tu-160 is technically illiterate and economically unprofitable. Having two higher aviation education, a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences and experience in Sukhoi Design Bureau, I sum up: the civil version of the Tu-160, while maintaining its appearance (constructive-power scheme with a wing of variable sweep) is the top of technical idiocy, the illiteracy standard and the Everest of stupidity. Vladimir Vladimirovich, my congratulations, this is the jackpot!".

The expert explained that in addition to "useless economic efficiency," the military Tu-160 has a lot of technical characteristics that are not suitable for commercial use of the aircraft. "The Tu-160 is not a supersonic but a dual-mode aircraft that can fly on the supersonic only small sections of the route (for a short time, burning a lot of fuel on the afterburner), its main cruising mode is subsonic," Lukashevich said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed 25 January 2018 to make a civilian version of the Tu-160 bomber, after observing his flight during a visit to the Kazan Aviation Plant. "We need to make a civil version," Putin said. The President noted that such an aircraft would have an advantage over the Soviet supersonic Tu-144 aircraft. "Tu-144 why went out of production - the ticket had to correspond to some average earnings in the country. And now the situation is different. Now large companies have appeared that could use this aircraft. Our territory is colossal," Putin said.

It is quite possible that before the sounding out such an idea, Putin already had time to consult with aviation specialists on the subject of "alteration". Of course, there is a possibility that, impressed by the flight of a new plane, he could not restrain the senses and "gave out" the idea impromptu.

Tu-160MP Modifikatsia PassazhiraThe creation of a passenger airliner based on the supersonic Tu-160 requires many improvements, in particular, in the design of the fuselage for the passenger compartment, says Dr. Mikhail Mikhailov, Doctor of Technical Sciences and pro-rector for scientific activities of Knit-Kai.

"Since the purpose of the machines will be completely different, there are a lot of improvements to be made - in terms of the design and power design of the central part of the fuselage for the passenger compartment. Certainly, any passenger car that will fly in the international space must comply with the requirements of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and these are requirements for noise and ecology, that is emissions. The next point is the fuel and economic efficiency of the engines of this vehicle. If these issues - design, ICAO requirements and cost-effectiveness - are resolved, then it is possible to reproduce the Tu-160 in the civil version as a passenger business aircraft, "said Sergey Mikhailov.

"There are at least a dozen examples of the creation of such specialized passenger variants for a purely business purpose," said Sergei Komissarov, editor-in-chief of the National Aviation Journal "Wings of the Motherland", starting with the famous Molotov flight on the TB-7 bomber across the ocean, as well as the ER- 2 special purpose vehicles with a passenger cabin. For example, on the basis of the Tu-95 aircraft was created for 20 people with a salon option."

Tu-104 was created on the basis of the Tu-16 bomber with a new fuselage, and in the same way the Tu-114 was based on the Tu-95 bomber with a new fuselage. But in fact these were new planes, and quite successful. They retained the wing of the bomber, and the fuselage was new. The diameter of the fuselage of a military aircraft is usually smaller than that of a civilian, and it had to be expanded during conversion. However, in both cases the designers managed to create passenger planes on the basis of military that were quite good for their time.

The fuselage width Tu-160 is less, for example, than the Tu-144 passenger SST, at comparable length. The width of the salon of the Tu-144 was 2.6 meters, while the fuselage Tu-160 has a width of 2.1 meters (and the interior inside this fuselage will be even smaller). And with the same comparable length (54.1 m at Tu-160 and 59,40/65,70 M-U Tu-144 of different modifications) it is possible to assume, that the number of passengers - 80-100 people (Tu-144) - would have to be reduced to 40-60 in the case of passenger modification Tu-160. The normal flight Tu-160 passes at a speed below the speed of sound. Passenger aircraft, such as Concorde and Soviet Tu-144, made most of their flight at supersonic speed.

It can be assumed that an aircraft based on the Tu-160 after modernization and adaptation for passenger transportation may be in demand in commercial operation on single long-haul destinations with low frequency of flights due to the lack of a mass effective demand for transport in the price range of business and the first class. Also, the demand for single supersonic aircraft of a small capacity in the VIP-configuration is most likely in Russia. The global market is estimated at several dozen such aircraft.

Russian law enforcement agencies are interested in obtaining a supersonic passenger aircraft based on the strategic missile carrier Tu-160, requests from them have already been submitted to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). This was reported by TASS on 02 February 2018, a source in the Russian military-industrial complex. "A number of power ministries of the Russian Federation expressed their desire to have a supersonic Tu-160 in the passenger version for official use, they already sent relevant inquiries to the UAC and its units engaged in the creation of long-range aircraft," the source said.

He explained that these departments are interested in the fastest delivery of their managers and specialists to different points of Russia and the world. This is necessary both to maximize prompt response in the event of various emergency situations, and to reduce the duration of normal business trips.

The source specified that the design of the passenger version of the Tu-160 will be occupied by PJSC "Tupolev" , and the construction - the Kazan aircraft plant named after SP Gorbunov . To ensure profitability of production, the minimum series, according to the interlocutor of TASS, should be at least 7-10 machines.

The source noted that the UAC already has relevant theoretical developments, and the design of the aircraft should not be delayed. Passenger seats for several dozen people are supposed to be installed instead of on-board radio-electronic equipment. At the same time, it is not planned to rebuild the bombers in service or reserve, "a new machine will be created, which will retain the same elements of the design as the fuselage, the wing of the variable sweep, the tail section, as well as the NK-32 engines," he added.

The TASS source also ruled out any possibility of leakage of secret technologies, even in the case of export shipments of the aircraft. "If we take off the Tu-160 equipment to ensure that it performs military missions, then nothing more will remain in it," he explained.

Tu-160MP Modifikatsia PassazhiraIf the technological base and the Tu-160 production base are able to create an aircraft capable of transporting passengers fast for long distances with high security and selling dozens of commodity copies to operating organizations, the domestic aircraft industry will occupy a significant niche in the global market, earn a hard currency and lower the unit cost products.

The world class jet fleet of business class is about 18,000 units. There for a long time (and so far without results), supersonic machines are waiting. The upper, most solvent, segment of the business and corporate aviation market - there are balancing prestige considerations and the desire to rise "above the crowd"; The cost of fuel and maintenance is small and rarely occupied by the minds of aircraft owners.

With state aviation there are "administrative" aircraft for the transportation of high-ranking officials. And they love and appreciate the comfort and time of no less than the most successful businessmen, with whom the principles of aircraft selection are shared. And absolute monarchies have survived in the world, with thousands of princes (not to mention other representatives of the nobility) who in fact represent the state machine of their countries.

For a large and reliable aircraft flying faster or more comfortable than that of a neighbor, Arab billionaires pay a hundredfold. For example, in 2008, Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Al Saud purchased an A380 aircraft for later becoming a flying palace. In November 2017, he was arrested along with five hundred other rich people on charges of corruption and thefts from the royal treasury for a total of about $ 600 billion, but on 27 January 2018 he was released - so that he is again available as a client for super-expensive aircraft.

Creation of a supersonic airliner on the basis of the Tu-160 is possible, but it will require new rules for its certification in response to the US. In a unipolar world centered in the United States, a situation has arisen in which this issue can be decided only by the grace of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA will not want to develop and issue rules for supersonic civil airplanes taking into account their specificity and the current state of science and technology.

In November 2017, the media disseminated information on Tupolev's possible plans to create a supersonic business jet with a capacity of 25 people. According to their data, rich foreigners, primarily the Arab sheikhs, repeatedly turned to Russian aircraft designers with requests to build a personal supersonic aircraft based on Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 bombers. But the company refused to develop such an aircraft, because the technology of creating such machines is secret. At the same time, Tupolev employees were ready to create supersonic business jet, but on the basis of a completely new project. And the plane should work on liquid hydrogen.

Valery Solozobov, Tupolev's deputy director for design, research and development, said rich foreigners are constantly turning to Tupolev with requests to make a personal passenger supersonic aircraft from Russian Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 bombers. "Rich people from different countries (Arab sheikh, millionaire from Australia, far from a poor Greek, other similar people) do not cease to apply: make me a personal supersonic aircraft based on the Tu-160 missile carrier or a long-range Tu-22M3 missile bomber. Letters with such requests periodically come to us, including through Rosoboronexport, "Solozobov said in an interview with TASS.

However, Tupolev does not satisfy these requests. "To make a passenger plane from Tu-160 is very expensive, it's much cheaper to rebuild such a plane without any Tu-160 and without the technologies that were used to create the missile carrier," explained Solozobov. In his opinion, a business aircraft does not need a wing with a variable geometry.

If the technological base and the Tu-160 production base are able to create an aircraft capable of transporting passengers fast for long distances with high security and selling dozens of commodity copies to operating organizations, the domestic aircraft industry will occupy a significant niche in the global market, earn a hard currency and lower the unit cost products.

Commenting on the prospects of the "passenger" version of the Tu-160 on the market, Pavel Zakharov , managing director of JET24 (Russian management company in business aviation), told TASS: "At the moment we are wary of the prospect of creating a supersonic business jet. Until the flight tests have passed, it is premature to talk about reality and economic parameters. In addition, over continental Europe supersonic flights are limited, which deprives this product of competitive advantages." According to Zakharov, if the project of the passenger Tu-160 is implemented, it can have "minimal demand from state corporations and, perhaps, one-time exotic purchases."

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