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5N32 Duga [Arc] - Pictures

The photographic record of the Duga program is maddeningly fragmentary. The Chernobyl-2 receiver is reasonably intact, and a visually striking object that continues to reward photographers with novel perspectives. The remaining sites have been demolished, and only a few contemporaneous photographs survive. The problem is that these photographs lack a robust provenance, and the association of specific photographs with particular objects remains somewhat speculative.

Four images may be tentatively associated with the early "Duga-N" at Nikolaev. They represent a rather sparse and rudimentary precussor of the mature design seen at RLU No. 1, Chernobyl-2. One hesitates to call these images "pictures" since they are obviously very heavily "improved" from the original photographs.

The main problem arises with RLU No. 2, Bolshaya Kartel, Komsomolsk-na-Amur. Three photographs claim to be part of the Nikolaev instlalation, but they are clearly photographs of a larger and more sophisticated radar. There is also an unidentified photograph, that has a composition quite similar to a photograph of RLU No. 1, Chernobyl-2. Yet is is clearly a different installation, with a different layout of support buildings, and what might be lightening protection towers that are absent from RLU No. 1, Chernobyl-2.

"Duga-N", Nikolaev

RLU No. 2, Bolshaya Kartel, Komsomolsk-na-Amur

Radio transmission center of RLS No. 2 with ZHRLS 5N32 Radio receiving center RLU No. 2 with ZHRLS 5N32

RLU No. 1, Chernobyl-2

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