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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

1992 Iran Special Weapons News

  • Iran Exports Fundamentalism, Says Resistance Iran is making a concerted effort to export its brand of Islamic fundamentalism, with a focus on North Africa and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. (920225)
  • Iranian Airline Denied Licensed US Exports The Department of Commerce announced that Iran Air has been denied access to controlled US exports and has been fined for violations of US export-control regulations in October 1985. (920827)
  • US Expresses Concern About North Korean Ship National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft says the US is worried about a North Korean cargo ship that is reportedly carrying long-range Scud missiles believed to be destined for Iran and Syria. (920308)
  • US Ships Intercepts Focus on Cargoes Destined for Iraq The North Korean cargo freighter Dae Hung Ho arrived in an Iranian port but its cargo is still unknown, although it is suspected that the ship is carrying Korean Scud missiles, possibly bound for Syria, but the US has no intention of intercepting the ship or its cargo, focusing such operations on shipments bound for Iraq. (920310)
  • U.S. PENALIZES JAPANESE FIRM FOR ILLEGAL SALES TO IRAN Washington -- A major Japanese defense contractor convicted of illegally selling sensitive U.S. military technology to Iran has been fined and stripped of the use of U.S. export licenses for up to three years. 1992-03-19
  • Editorial: Iran Urged to Rescind Decree The death decree was first issued in February 1989 by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after Rushdie published a novel, The Santanic Verses, that was considered offensive to Islam. 1992-04-01
  • Weinberger charged in Iran-Contra matter Former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger was indicted June 16 for perjury and obstruction of the congressional probe into the Iran-Contra matter. DoD Report. (92-06-16)
  • Iran, Syria Accused of Counterfeiting US Dollars A House task force has released a report alleging a joint Iran-Syria conspiracy to counterfeit US dollars, purportedly in order to strengthen Iran's economy and weaken the US. (920701)
  • TASK FORCE REPORT SAYS BUSH IN U.S. IN OCTOBER 1980 A preliminary House of Representatives task force report released July 1 concludes that President Bush "was in the United States continuously" throughout a period of time when he was alleged to have concluded a secret agreement in Paris with the Iranian government.
  • Crowe Refutes Newsweek/ABC Reporting on Vincennes During testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Admiral William Crowe, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, strongly refuted charges of a cover-up on the shooting down of an Iranian civilian airliner by the US guided-missile cruiser Vincennes in 1988. (920720)
  • Crowe Refutes ABC/Newsweek Charges on Vincennes Statement by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral William Crowe strongly refuting charges of a cover-up on the shooting down of an Iranian Airbus civilian airliner by the US cruiser Vincennes in 1988, during testimony before the House Armed Services Committee. (920722)
  • China-Iran Nuclear Cooperation The US does not welcome the announcement that China will help Iran build a nuclear power plant, maintaining the position that any nuclear cooperation with Iran, even for peaceful purposes, is highly imprudent and should be avoided. (920917)
  • US, Russia Differ on Sale of Subs to Iran The US and Russia voiced sharply differing views September 24 over Moscow's pending sale of submarines to Iran, with Secretary of State Eagleburger saying the sale was of great concern to the US and Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev saying it would enhance stability in the region. (920924)
  • Subs to Iran Sale Different from Planes to Taiwan Secretary of State Eagleburger reiterated September 25 strong US opposition to the proposed sale of Russian arms to Iran and said the US will go ahead with the sale of up to 150 F-16 fighter aircraft to Taiwan despite China's objections. (920925)
  • US Opposes Arms Sales to Iran As CIA Director Robert Gates has told Congress, Iran has been engaged in a significant military buildup including the purchase of warplanes and missiles from Russia and China as well as extended-range Scud missiles from North Korea--developments that concern the US because of Iran's support of terrorism. (921009)
  • US Seeks to Tighten Export Controls on Iran The US is seeking allied cooperation in limiting the sale to Iran of so-called "dual-use" technologies, which can be used for both civilian and military purposes. (921110)
  • US Urges Iran to Repeal Rushdie Death Decree The US has repeatedly condemned both the death decree against author Salman Rushdie and the bounty offered by Iran as incompatible with basic standards of international conduct. The US abhors Iran's decision to increase the bounty on Rushdie's life. (921116)
  • Controls Needed on Exports to Iran The US urges all countries to refrain from exporting destabilizing weapons to Iran. The US also calls for strengthening controls on the export of goods and technology that can be used to develop weapons of mass destruction. (921119)
  • Bush Pardons Weinberger, Five Others Tied to Iran-Contra President Bush granted pardons to former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and five other individuals for their conduct related to the Iran-Contra affair, calling Weinberger a "true patriot." (921224)

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