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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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Title:  "Subs to Iran Sale Different from Planes to Taiwan." Secretary of State Eagleburger reiterated September 25 strong US opposition to the proposed sale of Russian arms to Iran and said the US will go ahead with the sale of up to 150 F-16 fighter aircraft to Taiwan despite China's objections. (920925)

Translated Title:  Venta submarinos Iran diferente de venta aviones Taiwan.; M Eagleburger defend la vente d`avions a Taiwan. (920925)
Date:  19920925


(Eagleburger wraps up week of U.N. diplomacy) (900) By Russell Dybvik USIA Diplomatic Correspondent New York -- Acting Secretary of State Eagleburger reiterated September 25 strong U.S. opposition to the proposed sale of Russian arms to Iran and said the United States will go ahead with the sale of up to 150 F-16 fighter aircraft to Taiwan despite China's objections.

Eagleburger covered a wide range of other subjects in a 25-minute news conference with American journalists September 25 in wrapping up a busy week of diplomacy in conjunction with the opening of the U.N. General Assembly session.

During his 40 bilateral and multilateral meetings here , Eagleburger said he tried to focus on "the three priorities" President Bush identified in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly earlier this week -- peacekeeping, proliferation and prosperity. He expressed particular U.S. displeasure over the submarine sale.

"It is our view that selling submarines to Iran is substantially different than selling aircraft to Taiwan," Eagleburger declared.

"We would not sell submarines to Iran and we don't think others should," he said, pointing to Iran's relationship to terrorism and its position within the region.

Eagleburger also said he voiced U.S. concerns about the proposed Russian sale of nuclear reactors to Iran during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev September 24.

On the other hand, he asserted, the U.S. sale of F-16s to Taiwan and the sale of some 72 U.S. F-15 fighters to Saudi Arabia were "legitimate" sales for defensive purposes "and we are going to proceed with both of them."

The secretary said his 40-minute meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen September 24 "centered exclusively" on the F-16 sale.

"He laid out in quite some detail how they viewed the sale and I laid out in as much detail as I could our reaction to his comments," Eagleburger said, adding "that's all we talked about."

Eagleburger reiterated the administration's desire to maintain "a close and cooperative relationship with the People's Republic of China, recognizing that they and we had a whole host of differences, including Tienanmen Square," but that it would be in China's hands to determine whether the Taiwanese sale affects the relationship.

He said he cautioned the Chinese official that if Beijing acts, "we would probably have to react." He did not elaborate, but did stress it was the American intention to maintain the relationship "if they wanted to maintain it, too. We didn't come to any conclusions."

Responding to questions, Eagleburger said the United States is "prepared to go ahead without the Chinese, if necessary," in the so-called ACME talks on arms control in the Middle East. China has threatened to boycott those talks because of the F-16 sale.

No date has yet been set for a continuation of those talks, the secretary said. "I think in part we're going to have to examine this question in the context of the Chinese attitude," he said.

On the proliferation front, the secretary said he was particularly pleased with the way the Chemical Weapons Convention is moving forward.

"Peacekeeping and the related humanitarian side of that issue dominated a lot of the conversations" the secretary had, and "there was a good bit of interest evidenced everywhere I went in the president's commitment to enhanced U.S. support for U.N. peacekeeping functions," he said.

He expects the U.N. Security Council to deal with a proposed "no fly zone" over Bosnia-Hercegovina in the coming days, but he also emphasized it was a complicated issue. Some of the countries that have troops on the ground in the United Nations Protective Force (UNPROFOR) in the former Yugoslavia are concerned about the "consequences to the UNPROFOR if a no fly zone is imposed," he pointed out.

All of his discussions concerning Yugoslavia were "aimed at alleviated the suffering and accelerating an end to the fighting," Eagleburger said.

The secretary also dealt with these other issues: -- Cambodia. The foreign ministers of France and Indonesia, the cochairmen of the Cambodia Conference, have produced some ideas that "may be useful." The Khmer Rouge's decision to "opt out" of the process "cannot be tolerated," Eagleburger said.

-- Iraq. "I emphasized every time I got a chance," the secretary said, that "the United States is opposed to partitioning Iraq and the no fly zone in no way should been seen as anything more than what it is."

-- Kurdish relief. Eagleburger said as far as the United States is concerned, the Security Council should be prepared to authorize the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the Kurds in northern Iraq, even if the Iraqi government does not consent.

-- Abu Musa. While the U.S. told its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) partners it would not get into the issue of where sovereignty lies with regard to the disputed Persian Gulf island, Eagleburger emphasized that "we are totally opposed to trying to settle the issue through the use of force."

-- Cyprus. With U.N.-sponsored negotiations aimed at a Cyprus settlement set to resume next month, the secretary met separately with the U.N. secretary general, the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey and Cypriot President Vassiliou. "Our hope," Eagleburger said, is "that we can move that process along."


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