Past Wars

"Perpetual peace is no empty idea, but a practical thing which, through its gradual solution, is coming always nearer its final realization..."


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Afghanistan 1970s Coups 1973-1978
Afghanistan Soviet Invasion 1979-1989
Afghanistan Civil War 1992-1995
Albania Civil War 1997
Algeria National Liberation 1954-1962
Angola National Liberation 1961-1974
Angola First War with UNITA 1975-1994
Angola Second War with UNITA 1996-2002
Argentina Dirty War 1976-1983
Argentina Falklands/Malvinas War 1982
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Crisis 1947-1948
Bangladesh Liberation War 1971
Bangladesh Chittagong Hill Tracts 1972-1997
Bolivia Revolution 1952
Bolivia 1971 Coup 1971
Bolivia Transition to Democracy 1978-1982
Bosnia Civil War 1992-1995
Bougainville Independence 1990s
Brazil Generals' Coup 1964
Burkina Faso Sankara Coup 1980s
Burundi Ethnic Strife 1970-1974
Burundi Ethnic Strife 1984-1989
Burundi Ethnic Strife 1990-1994
Burundi Civil Conflict 1993-2005
Cambodia U.S. Invasion 1970
Cambodia Civil War 1970s
Cambodia Intra Party and Vietnam Conflicts 1970s
Canada Quebec Separatism 1960s-1970s
CAR Central African Bush War 2004-2009
Chad Civil Wars 1965-1979
Chile Coup Against Allende 1973
China Civil War 1940s
China Invasion of Tibet 1950
China Quemoy and Matsu 1954-1958
China Sino-India Border War 1962
China Sino-Soviet Clashes 1969-1978
China Paracel Islands 1974
China Invasion of Vietnam 1979
China South China Sea 1988-98
China Tiananmen Violence 1989
Comoros Independence 1975
Comoros Coups 1980s
Congo (Brazzaville) Independence War 1964
Congo (Brazzaville) 1st Civil War 1993-94
Congo (Brazzaville) 2nd Civil War 1997-99
Congo (Brazzaville) Civil Disturbances 2002-03
Congo (Zaire) Katanga 1961-1963
Congo (Zaire) Post-Independence War 1963-1965
Congo (Zaire) Shaba 1975-1978
Congo (Zaire) Kabila Uprising 1996-1997
Congo (Zaire) First Congo War 1996-1998
Congo (Zaire) Second Congo War 1998-2003
Congo (Zaire) Kivu Conflicts 2003-2009
Croatia War with Serbia 1991-1995
Cuba Communist Revolution 1950s
Cuba Bay Of Pigs 1961
Cuba Missile Crisis 1962
Cyprus Turkish Conflicts 1960s
Cyprus Turkish Invasion 1970s
Czechoslovakia Coup 1948
Czechoslovakia Soviet Invasion 1968
Dominican Republic Coup and U.S. Invasion 1965
Ecuador Peru Border Dispute 1947-1999
Egypt War with Britain 1951
Egypt War of 1956 1956
Egypt Syrian, Yemen Tensions 1958-62
Egypt War of Attrition 1967-70
Egypt 1973 War 1973
El Salvador Soccer War 1969
El Salvador Civil War 1970s-1980s
Equatorial Guinea Francisco Macias Nguema 1968s-1979
Eritrea War for Independence 1958-1991
Eritrea Hanish Islands 1995
Ethiopia Attempted Coup 1960
Ethiopia Revolution 1974-1978
Ethiopia 1st War with Somalia 1977-1978
Ethiopia Civil War 1978-1991
Ethiopia 2nd War with Somalia 1998-1999
Ethiopia Eritrea War 1998-2000, ++
Fiji Ethnic Conflict / Coup 1980s
Georgia Civil Conflict 1990-1994
Germany Berlin Crises 1948 & 1958-62
Germany East German Uprising 1953
Ghana Rawlings Coups 1979 and 1981
Ghana Guinea Fowl War 1991-1994
Greece Civil War 1944-1949
Grenada U.S. Invasion 1982
Guatemala Coup Against Arbenz 1954
Guatemala Civil War 1965-1969
Guatemala Civil War 1970-1974
Guatemala Civil War 1975-1979
Guinea Mano River War 2000-2001
Guinea-Bissau Independence 1960s-1974
Guinea-Bissau Civil War 1998-99
Guyana Ethnic Conflict 1970s-1980s
Haiti 1980s Unrest 1980s
Haiti Civil War 1990s
Hungary Soviet Invasion 1956
India Partition 1947
India Post-Independence 1947
India Nagaland Rebellion 1947-1997
India Junagadh 1947-1949
India Hyderabad 1947-1949
India Invasion Of Goa 1961
India India China Tensions 1962-1994
India War with Pakistan 1965
India Bangladesh 1971
India Sikh Uprising 1980s
India Ayodhya Mosque Sectarian Violence 1992
India Godhra, Gujarat Sectarian Violence 2002
Indonesia Independence 1940s
Indonesia South Moluccas 1950
Indonesia Konfrontasi 1963-1965
Indonesia Suharto Coup 1965
Indonesia East Timor 1974-1999
Indonesia Kalimantan 1983-2005
Indonesia Aceh 1986-2005
Indonesia Sulawesi 1998-2002
Indonesia Maluku 1999-2004
Iran Civil Strife 1970-1974
Iran Islamic Revolution 1979
Iran Iran-Iraq War 1980-1989
Iraq Revolution and Coups 1958-1968
Iraq Kurdistan 1960s-2003
Iraq Iran-Iraq War 1980-1989
Iraq Gulf War 1990-1991
Ireland (Britain) Religious Conflict 1969-1999
Israel War of Independence 1948-1949
Israel The Intifada 1987-1993
Israel Sinai War 1956
Israel Six-Day War 1967
Israel Yom Kippur War 1973
Israel Iraq Nuclear Reactor 1981
Israel Terrorist Attacks 1960s-1980s
Israel Invasion of Lebanon 1978, 1982-2000
Israel Al-Aqsa Intifada 2000-2005
Israel Lebanon 2006-2006
Israel Gaza 2008-2009
Israel Gaza 2012
Israel Gaza 2014
Italy Anti-Mafia 1980s-1990s
Ivory Coast Civil War 2002-2011
Jordan British Intervention 1958
Jordan Civil War 1970
Kenya Shifta Conflict 1964-1974
Kenya Mau Mau Uprising 1952-1956
Kenya Molo Clashes 1992-93
Kenya Election Violence 2007
Korea Korean War 1950-1953
Kyrgyzstan Osh Conflict 1990
Laos Pathet Lao Uprising 1960s-1970s
Latvia Partisan War 1945–1956
Lebanon Civil Conflict 1958
Lebanon Civil War 1975-1990
Liberia Civil War 1999-2003
Liberia Doe Coup 1980
Liberia Civil War 1989-1997
Libya Qaddafi Coup 1969
Libya U.S. Air Attacks 1980s
Libya War with Chad 1980-1987
Libya Civil War 2011
Lithuania Forrest Brothers 1944-53
Macedonia Ethnic Conflict 1990s
Madagascar Independence Struggle 1950s-1960s
Madagascar Violence in the Second Republic 1975-1992
Malaysia Communist Uprising 1940s
Mauritania "1989 Events" 1989-91
Mexico Student Massacre 1968
Mexico Zapatista Uprising 1996 - 1999
Moldova Transdniester 1991-1994
Morocco Polisario-Western Sahara War 1975-1979
Mozambique War of Independence 1964-1974
Mozambique Renamo War 1970s-1992
Myanmar/Burma Military Coups 1958-1962
Myanmar SLORC Coup 1980s
Namibia National Liberation 1966-1990
Nepal Maoists 1996-2006 ?
New Caledonia Conflict 1980s-1990s
Nicaragua Revolution 1970s
Nicaragua Contra War 1980s
Niger Coups
Nigeria 1964-1965 Elections 1964-1965
Nigeria Biafra Civil War 1966-1969
Nigeria 1983 Coup 1983
North Korea Korean War 1949-1953
North Korea Seizure of the Pueblo 1968
North Korea North Korea-South Korea Tensions 1960s, 70s, 80s
North Korea Northern Limit Line 1999-2002
Pakistan Partition 1947
Pakistan 1965 War with India 1965
Pakistan 1971 War with India 1971
Pakistan Baluchistan Insurgency 1973-1977
Pakistan Karachi Political Violence 1986-1996
Palestine Intifada 1987-1992
Panama Anti-U.S. Riots 1950s
Panama 1964 Riots 1964
Panama U.S. Invasion 1989
Peru Rural Uprisings 1950s-1960s
Peru Shining Path and the Drug War 1980s
Philippines Huk Rebellion 1948-1953
Philippines Battle of Mendiola and Martial Law 1970-1972
Philippines Moro Uprising 1970s-->
Romania Uprising and Coup 1989
Russia Ethnic Conflicts 1980s-1990s
Russia 1991 Coup 1991
Russia Chechen Uprising 1994-1996
Russia Moldova 1994 -->
Rwanda Conflict 1960-1964
Rwanda Civil War and Genocide 1991-1996
Saudi Arabia North Yemen Civil War 1962-1970
Saudi Arabia Federation of South Arabia 1962-1968
Saudi Arabia Mecca Holy Mosque Siege 1979
Saudi Arabia Civil War 1990-1994
Senegal Casamance 1982-2004
Serbia Kosovo Secession 1990-1999
Sierra Leone Civil War 1990-2002
Solomon Islands Civil Disturbance 1999-2003
Somalia Somalia-Ethiopia, Kenya Conflict 1960-1964
Somalia Shifta Conflict 1964-1974
Somalia 1969 Coup 1969
Somalia Ogaden War 1977-78
Somalia 1980s Ethiopia Conflicts 1980s
Somalia Red Beret Reign of Terror 1986-1990
South Africa Anti-Apartheid Struggle 1948-1994
South Koreas Kwangju Massacre 1980
Soviet Union Cold War 1946-1991
Soviet Union Iran /r Azerbaijan 1945-1946
Soviet Union Conflict with Turkey 1945-1953
Soviet Union Invasion of Afghanistan 1979-1989
Spain Basque Uprising 1970s-2011>
Sri Lanka 1970s Violence 1970s
Sri Lanka 1980s Riots 1980-1984
Sri Lanka Tamil Uprising 1983-2009
Sudan First Civil War 1955-1972
Sudan Second Civil War 1983-2004
Suriname <Interior War / Jungle Commando 1986-1992
Syria Hamah 1982
Tajikistan Civil War 1992-1997
Thailand 1947 Coup 1947
Thailand 1951 Coup 1951
Thailand 1970s Unrest 1970s
Thailand War on Drugs 2003
Togo Coups 1963-1990
Uganda Uganda Independence 1960s
Uganda Anti-Amin Struggle 1971-1979
Uganda The War in the Bush 1980-1985
Uganda Civil Conflict 1980s-2000s
Ukraine Anti-Soviet Partisans 1941-1949
United Kingdom North West Frontier Revolt 1936-1937
United Kingdom The Troubles 1968-1998
United States Iraq 1990-2010
Uruguay Tupamaros Uprising 1960s-1970s
Uzbekistan Osh Conflict 1990
Vietnam First Indochina War 1946-1954
Vietnam Second Indochina War 1964-1973
Vietnam Paracel Islands 1974
Vietnam Third Indochina War 1978-1981
Vietnam South China Sea 1988-98
Western Sahara Polisario-Moroccan War 1975-1991
Yemen North Yemen Civil War 1962-1970
Yemen Federation of South Arabia 1962-1968
Yemen Civil War 1990-1994
Yemen Hanish Islands 1995
Yemen Yemen Civil War 2011-2012
Yugoslavia Disintegration 1990s
Zimbabwe Majority Rule 1965-1980
Zimbabwe Gukurahunde 1982-1987

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