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Russia without Ukraine is a country;
Russia with Ukraine is an empire.

During the Great War, Germany grabbed Ukraine
and Lenin took it back
During the Great Pariotic War, Germany grabbed Ukraine
and Stalin took it back
During the Winter Olympiad, Germany grabbed Ukraine
and Putin let it slip away

Ukraine Crisis - 25 February 2014

2014 CrisisMoscow will not interfere with affairs in Ukraine. “We have confirmed our principled position to not interfere in Ukraine’s internal affairs and expect all [foreign powers] to follow a similar logic,” said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Lavrov said it would be “dangerous and counterproductive” to give Ukraine an ultimatum of “either you’re with us or against us.”

"The agreement of February 21 stipulates the holding of a [constitutional] reform before September and only after that, when a premise has been emphasized, the presidential election shall be held. So far, we have heard the decision of those in the Verkhovna Rada to hold the presidential election on May 21. This is a deviation from the agreement," Lavrov said.

Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said that the next $2 billion bailout installment for Ukraine is in "standby status," and that Moscow will decide whether to release it after Ukraine selects a new government. "It depends on who are, will be, the responsible figures, because it's a very big amount of money. When IMF or some other responsible institution provides support, it asks for the conditions and asks about the partners, so the same will be for us," said Ulyukayev.

Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations, Yuriy Sergeyev, said that his country is worse off than its previous government claimed, and that it needs financial aid from the European Union in addition to the Russian loan. "First of all, to recover form this crisis immediately, then to do all of our best to create the atmosphere which could encourage returning of the international investors, domestic investors. The second: we have to re-launch our negotiations with the IMF, which were stopped by the previous government,” said Sergeyev.

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