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Russia without Ukraine is a country;
Russia with Ukraine is an empire.

During the Great War, Germany grabbed Ukraine
and Lenin took it back
During the Great Pariotic War, Germany grabbed Ukraine
and Stalin took it back
During the Winter Olympiad, Germany grabbed Ukraine
and Putin let it slip away

Ukraine Crisis - 23 February 2014

Protests January 2014Parliamentary speaker Oleksandr Turchynov, a longtime ally of opposition leader and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko who was released from prison 22 February, was named interim president on 23 February 2014 following a parliament vote. Turchynov had set Ukraine's integration with Europe as a top priority but has also stressed the importance of relations with Russia. The parliament voted to revoke a controversial law that made Russian the official language in parts of the former Soviet republic, where the number of speakers is 10 percent or more. The so-called language law came into force in August 2012. The opposition-controlled Ukrainian parliament put several key bills on the table, including one ratifying the ill-fated EU integration deal, which was the big issue during the initial stages of the political crisis.

Following the formation of the new government in Ukraine, the EU is ready give 20 billion euros for carrying out reforms in the country, the chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok, said, as cited by Interfax. The return to the European integration course, the rejection of which had sparked the uprising, is our priority. We must return into the family of European states, Oleksandr Turchynov said in a statement, posted on the website of his Fatherland party. He said Ukraines new leadership would build its ties with Russia on a new basis truly equal and neighborly that would acknowledge and respect Ukraines European choice.

Russia will decide on a financial aid package for Ukraine once a new government is in place. Russia's Foreign Ministry said the country's opposition was "submitting itself to armed extremists and looters whose actions pose a direct threat to the sovereignty and constitutional order of Ukraine". US National Security Adviser Susan Rice told NBC's Meet The Press that it would be a "grave mistake" for Moscow to intervene militarily. "There is not an inherent contradiction ... between a Ukraine that has longstanding historic and cultural ties to Russia and a modern Ukraine that wants to integrate more closely with Europe. This need not be mutually exclusive," Rice said following the political upheaval in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian port city of Sevastopol voted to stop paying taxes to Kiev, as it is seeking independence. Ukraine has seen several cases of apparent separatism lately. On Saturday, eastern and southern regions in Ukraine announced their rejection of parliament, saying that it is illegitimate. And over the previous months opposition forces in western Ukraine captured several regional administrations and formed local pro-opposition governing bodies.

Ukraine parliament registered a draft law that will outlaw the Communist and Regions Parties in the country. Ukrainian independent MP Oleg Lyashko came up with an initiative to ban the ruling and the Communist parties and registered his legislation under No 4201. There were no details on the text of the draft law.

Yanukovych, who reportedly fled Kyiv for the eastern city of Kharkiv 21 February 2014, likened the opposition to Nazis and insisted that he would not resign or leave Ukraine. However, Yanukovych was left powerless. His Cabinet promised to back a new government, the police said it supported the opposition, and the army said it will not get involved.

According to the latest data from the Ukrainian Health Ministry, as of 23 February at least 82 people had been killed and 645 turned to the Ukrainian capitals medical institutions for help, with 423 of them hospitalized, since the start of the latest violence on February 18.

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