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TU-154M LK-1 Open Skies

The TU-154M LK-1 aircraft is designed for inspection flights over the territories of the States Parties to the Treaty on "Open Skies". It monitors from the air how other countries are carried out the most important points of international agreements, including in the field of armaments. The agreement on "open skies" was adopted by the 27 OSCE participating States in 1992. The agreement opened the airspace above them to control in order to maintain peace. Now it is an international agreement involving 34 countries.

The Open Skies Treaty was signed March 24, 1992, in Helsinki by representatives of 23 OSCE member states. The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen trust between the countries by improving mechanisms for monitoring military activities. The document establishes an open skies regime that allows participants the opportunity to conduct aerial surveys of each others territory.

Before that, on February 19, 1988, a center was established to ensure the implementation of arms reduction agreements by the Russian Air Force. Currently it consists of its leadership and three departments, all of which are subject to the commander of the Air Force.

Since 2010 the center has been directed by Russian groups that support the foreign missions that come to Russia under the Open Skies Treaty. Observation flights over the territory of the Russian Federation are carried out on OC-135B, C-130, SAAB-340B, CN-235, AN-30, and AN-26 airplanes. AN-30B-154 and Tu-154M LK1 aircraft are used for missions over the territory of other treaty participants.

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