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Beriev Aircraft Company

Beriev 14M1P Experimental aerodynamic ground
Beriev 976 Planes SKIP command and measuring point
Beriev A-40 Albatros multipurpose amphibious aircraft
Beriev A-42PE search and rescue amphibian
Beriev A-50 Land-based AWACS Aircraft Airborne Early Warning and Control
Beriev A-50I AWACS aircraft
Beriev A-50EI AWACS aircraft
Beriev A-60 (FL "1a"/"1A2") Experimental Aircraft carrier laser weapons
Beriev A-100 Land-based AWACS
Beriev A-150 1965 long range amphibian aircraft
Beriev Al-24FK (An-30) Land-based
Beriev AN-24FK Airplane aerial photography
Beriev AN-BE-20short-haul passenger aircraft
Beriev Be-1 (Gl-1) hydro plane, 1965
Beriev Be-1 (CH-1) Experimental gidrolet
Beriev Be-2 KOR-1 Ship's catapult reconnaissance seaplane
Beriev Be-4 KOR-2 Ship's catapult Flying Boat
Beriev Be-6 (item "K") Floatplane Patrol aircraft, Surveillance aircraft, Maritime patrol aircraft
Beriev Be-6 "Liner"(item "KL") hydro plane for the communications with submarines
Beriev Be-6-2-ASH-73hydro plane, 1948
Beriev Be-6CC hydro plane of rescue service, 1955
Beriev Be-6TR carrier and reconnaissance seaplane, 1950
Beriev Be-8light messenger amphibian aircraft, 1947
Beriev Be-8 Amphibian Airliner multipurpose aircraft
Beriev Be-10 1948 amphibian aircraft
Beriev Be-10 (item "M") Jet boat Patrol bomber, Maritime patrol aircraft
Beriev BU-10H Sea submarine hydro jet plane
Beriev Be-12 (item "E") Chaika Amphibian Patrol aircraft, Maritime patrol aircraft
Beriev BU-12 Chaika ASW aircraft
Beriev BU-12H Chaika ASW aircraft
Beriev BE-12P Chaika Fire amphibian
Beriev BE-12P-200 Chaika Fire amphibian
Beriev BE-12PS Chaika ASW aircraft
Beriev BE-12SK Chaika ASW aircraft
Beriev Be-14 (item "2E") Amphibian Maritime patrol ASW / SAR aircraft
Beriev Be-16 landing carrier aircraft, project of 1960.
Beriev Be-18 hydro plane for Naval Commander-in-chief, project of 1963.
Beriev Be-20 passenger airplane, project of 1964.
Beriev Be-22 -----?.
Beriev Be-24 passenger amphibian plane,project of 1963.
Beriev Be-26 ocean amphibian plane, 1963
Beriev Be-30 short-haul Land-based Airliner
Beriev Be-30 (item "P") aircraft MVL , 1968
Beriev BU-32K Blizhemagistralny airliner
Beriev Be-32KM Land-based Airliner
Beriev Be-32P (1966) passenger aircraft
Beriev BU-32 (1993) Short-range passenger aircraft
Beriev Be-32various VTOL and STOL projects
Beriev Be-34 multi-purpose version of Be.32 with rear door for cargo
Beriev Be-36 multi-purpose version of Be-32, but with a large variant
Beriev BU-42 ALBATROSS multipurpose amphibious aircraft
Beriev Be-101 Multipurpose civil
Beriev Be-103 Multipurpose civil amphibious aircraft
Beriev Be-112 multipurpose amphibious aircraft
Beriev Be-114
Beriev Be-200 Multirole civil amphibian aircraft
Beriev Be-200ES multipurpose amphibious aircraft
Beriev Be-210 amphibious aircraft passenger
Beriev Be-2500 Unrealized project (a-kranolt) Super-heavy amphibious aircraft cargo aircraft
Beriev AI-30 military carrier and anti-submarine aircraft equipped by four engines, 1961
Beriev C-13 high-altitude reconnaissance Far
Beriev CDF-1 reconnaissance seaplane
Beriev CDF-2 reconnaissance flying boat
Beriev GL-1 GIDROLET Experimental gidrolet
Beriev IDB-5 Floatplane
Beriev IDB-7 Floatplane
Beriev LL-143 multi-purpose flying boat
Beriev LL-600 ocean hydro plane, 1963
Beriev MBR-2 Floatplane Patrol aircraft, Maritime patrol aircraft
Beriev MBR-7 range reconnaissance
Beriev MDP-5 Marine long-range reconnaissance Floatplane
Beriev MP-1 Flying Boat Passenger
Beriev P-1 Marine reconnaissance bomber
Beriev P-10 flying bomb, 1957
Beriev P-42 Unrealized project
Beriev P-100 "Burewestnick" (Shearwater), intercontinental cruise missile 1961
Beriev P-143 Floatplane
Beriev R-1 (item "R"), first Russian jet hydro plane 1952
Beriev SD-MBR Supersonic Bomber distant sea scout
Beriev VVA-14 Experimental amphibian GDP

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