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69068, Ukraine,
Zaporozhye, 15 8March Str.




  • Bypass turbofan engines:
    • D-18T;
    • D-36;
    • D-436TP;
    • D-436T1/T2;
    • AI-22;
    • AI-222;
    • AI-25;
    • AI25TL
  • Turboprop engines:
    • TV3-17VMA-SBM1;
    • AI-20;
    • AI-24;
    • VK-1500
  • Turboprofan engine:
    • D-27
  • Rotary-wing Turboshaft engines:
    • D-136;
    • TV3-117;
    • VK-2500

Founded in 1907, Motor Sich JSC is one of the largest engine manufacturers for airplanes and helicopters in the world. The enterprise also produces industrial gas turbine installations. Motor Sich JSC employed nearly 27,000 workers as of 2014. Motor Sich had a contract volume for 2013 of more than $900 mln, a 12% increase over last year. About 90% of that total is for modifications and updates for D-436, AI-222 and AI-20 helicopter engines. Major customers are Russia, China, India, and countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

The Motor Sich manufactures not only aircraft engines but also industrial units for ground application use such as gas-turbine drives for gas pumping, gas lifting and oil pumping units, gas-turbine power generating sets, turboexpander power generating set and turbo refrigerating plant. High quality and reliability of manufactured products are confirmed by their successful operation in different countries worldwide.

Russia currently does not produce helicopter engines. The Ukrainian facility which is most important for Russia's military are Motor Sich in Zaporizhzhya, which produces helicopter engines. The Motor-Sich factory in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, inherited the corresponding capacities from the Soviet Union. As of 2014 Russia needed approximately 3,000 engines for new combat and transport helicopters, but had managed to build just one fully Russian equivalent. Russia was planning to produce approximately 50 a year, while it was going to need approximately 3,000 engines for its helicopters in a matter of two or three years.

The annual turnover of the enterprise - $300 million - matches or exceeds the receipts of Russia's biggest engine manufacturers: the Ufa Engine Production Association (Russian acronym UMPO), Salyut Moscow Machine-Building Production Association (MMPP Salyut) and Saturn Scientific Production Association Joint Stock Company (Saturn NPO JSC). Until recently, Ukraine was also an exclusive manufacturer of cruise missile engines.

Motor Sich JSC renders the whole range of services to organizations and private persons who operate Company's products:

  • - technical support of aircraft engines;
  • - extension of aircraft engines' overhaul life;
  • - overhaul of aircraft engines;
  • - technical support of gas-turbine drives, gensets and industrial installations;
  • - overhaul of gas-turbine drives, gensets and industrial installations;
  • - warranty and post-warranty repair of consumer products.

The overhaul life can be extended and overhaul of the aircraft engines can be performed by highly-skilled specialists of Motor Sich Product Support Department in the territory of Russia in accordance with Intergovernmental agreements between Russia and Ukraine of 1991-2001and Supplements to them.

The basic directions of activity of the company:

  • - manufacture of aircraft engines and gas-turbine units;
  • - selling engines and spare parts for them;
  • - post-warranty maintenance and repairs;
  • - training of maintenance personnel;
  • - manufacture of separate units and parts;
  • - selling licences, patents, know-how technologies and technical documents;
  • - engineering services.

The Company met its 85th anniversary as one of the biggest in the world and the only factory in Ukraine in the field of manufacture, in-service support and overhaul of 55 types and modifications of reliable and economical aircraft gas-turbine engines: from small auxiliary power units to the most powerful powerplants for world-largest Ruslan and Mriya airplanes and Mil i-26 helicopters.

The Company's name has changed many times during these years, but the reputation of a dependable and respectable partner manufacturing high-quality products remained unchanged. Among users of these engines are the world-known airplane- and helicopter-building Design Bureaus of Antonov, Beriev, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Yakovlev, Kamov and Mil, as well as Czech Aero Vodochody company and Chinese HAIC (G) company. The rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft powered by Motor Sich engines are operated in 105 countries.

General designers of aeroengines S. K. Tumansky, V. Ya. Klimov, A. G. Ivchenko, V. A. Lotorev and general designer of space-borne equipment V. N. Chelomei used to work at the enterprise. The company is the place of historical origins of other two enterprises: Omsk Baranov Machine-Building Production Association and Zaporozhye Ivchenko Progress Machine-Building Design Bureau.

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