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Beriev Be-2500

In future Beriev Aircraft Company plans to design ultra-heavy hydroplanes together with foreign partners: the new machines will be integrated in the existing structure of intercontinental maritime and air transportation. Such air vehicles will become "flying ships", capable of competing with standard aircraft and sea vessels on transoceanic routes; moreover, they will become part of the existing sea port infrastructure. The Be-2500 hydroplane project can serve as an example of creation of such a giant - it promises to have a 2,500t take-off weight and a payload capacity of up to 1,000t.

The Be-2500 super-heavy transport seaplane will come a part of commerce and special service transportation on transoceanic routes. The design concept of super-heavy seaplane allows operate the a/c both in WIG mode above the ocean and in aircraft mode. The Be-2500 seaplane may become a perfect platform to deliver the spaceships to the upper atmosphere of the Earth equatorial area. The Be-2500 may also be used for landing operations, search and rescue missions, as well as the vehicle for prospecting and extraction operations at shelves and archipelago areas. The facilities of existing major ports may provide sufficient support for operation and anchorage of the seaplane.

Research aerodynamic and hydrodynamic scheme superheavy seaplane type Be-2500 is actively continuing. Director General of the Taganrog Aviation and Technical Complex Beriev (TANTK Berieva) Victor Kobzev said in 2007 that "Tests have been conducted of aircraft models and wind tunnel, which is conducting research on new aircraft." According to V. Kobzeva, Russia, with its immense space, a huge number of rivers and lakes, is an excellent testing ground for seaplanes. "In many parts of Russia in the transportation system can be used only seaplanes, which should contribute to the further development of these areas. Airplane Be-2500 is a niche application, and this niche over time will grow, grow. Airplane Be-2500 and is indispensable in emergency situations and major disaster."

Full implementation of the Be-2500 is not the power of one country and require joint efforts in various international projects. Therefore, the production of heavy aircraft-type Be-2500 - did not cause the immediate future. It is estimated that the cost of R & D establishment Be-2500 ranges from $ 10 to $ 15 billion. Before the start of the Be-2500, especially, were interviewed all potential customers, insurance companies, estimated the cost of the project.

The project Be-2500 is equipped with six NK-116 fanjest with a thrust of 105 tonnes. Today the most powerful aircraft engines is the General Electric engine with a thrust of 56 tons. The Trent engine from Rolls-Royce has a maximum thrust of about 50 tons. Russia may in the future develop an engine with a thrust of about 30 tons. But the need for aviation engines for an aircraft with a takeoff weight of 2,500 tons and a payload of up to 1000 tonnes would have an estimated thrust of about 100 tons.

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