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Beriev Be-30 / Be-32 "Cuff"

The aircraft Beriev Be-30 was designed for medium range transportation. The most unusual factor about the Beriev Be-30 short-haul transport is the fact that it was the first land-plane to be designed and developed by the Beriev design bureau which had previously specialized in seaplanes. Be-30, when NATO code "Cuff", made its first flight on 3 March 1967. Seen publicly for the first time at the Soviet Aviation Day display at Domodedovo in 1967, it appeared subsequently at the 1969 Paris Air Show. It was of all-metal design and has such features as metal, spot welding and the use of sandwich panels wing with a light filler. Because of the high-wing configuration, the retractable tricycle landing gear incorporated very stalky main units, these retracting into the rear of the engine nacelles.

The power plant consisted of two Shvetsova ASh-21 radial piston engines with an output of 551 kW (740 hp). The very small number of serial production aircraft had two turboprop engines TVD-10, developed in the design bureau Glushenkova.

The plane had a a maximum cruising speed at an altitude of 2000 meters (6560 feet) of 480 kilometers per hour (298 miles per hour) range with maximum fuel and utility loading of 900 kg (1984 lbs) 1300 kilometers (808 miles). Maximum takeoff weight was 5860 kg (12,919 pounds). The wingspan was 17 meters (55 feet 9.25 inches), length of 15.7 meters (51 feet 6 inches), height of 5.46 meters (17 feet 11 inches), wing area 32 square meters (344,46 sq. ft.) .

The plane with a crew of two people could carry 14 passengers. Among the latest developments used in Be-30, was air conditioning system and equipment to fly blind, included autopilot and the automatic approach. It was expected that Aeroflot would order a large number of Be-30 aircraft. In fact, it ordered only a few machines when it entered service in 1969. The reason for this was the choice as an aircraft for local airlines model Czech Let L-410 Turbolet, which had a little more capacity, as the standard short- haul type for service with Aeroflot.

The Be-32 is a modified version to meet the requirements of West Operators. It is almost the same aircraft slightly updated to just modern standards.

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