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9M317 Surface to Air Missile

The continuous development of air attack weapons demands a thorough upgrading of surface-to-air missiles. Considering the fact that modern air defense missile systems must engage not only aerodynamic targets (fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft as well as cruise missiles) but also tactical ballistic missiles and precision-guided munitions, the Buk-M1 SAM system has been modernized by introducing a new missile, the 9M317, which was developed by the Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise.

The creation of the Buk-M1-2 SAM system made it possible to substantially improve its performance characteristics and the system potential in order to fight advanced targets. The 9M317 SAM was developed as a unified weapon for the air defense protection of ground forces and naval ships. It can engage tactical ballistic missiles, strategic and tactical aircraft (including those maneuvering with a load factor of up to 12 g), cruise missiles, attack helicopters (including those hovering at low altitudes), remotely piloted vehicles and antiship missiles in heavy ECM environments, as well as radar contrast waterborne and overland targets.

The 9M317 missile, compared to the 9M38M1 missile incorporated into the Buk-M1 system, has an extended engagement envelope of up to 45 km in slant range and up to 25 km in altitude and horizontal range, as well as a broader range of targets which can be engaged. Range of targets with RCS = 5 m is 40 km. The different appearance from the 9M38M1 includes significantly shorter length of the wing chord. It provides for the use of inertial-corrected control system with semi-active radar seeker 9B-1103M-guided navigation on a proportionate basis.

The missile design makes it possible to adapt the guidance system and armament of the missile to the type of target (ballistic target, aerodynamic target, helicopter, pinpoint target, waterborne/overland target) after it has been identified and to increase the kill probability. The design of the missile onboard equipment and system facilities enables firing at radar contrast waterborne and overland targets and their direct hit defeat. This missile can engage targets flying at extremely low altitudes.

The generalized cost-effectiveness ratio indicates that in this respect the 9M317 missile is absolutely unrivaled in the world and won't be outperformed by competitor models until the end of the first decade of the next century. The relative coefficients of weight perfection, power-to-weight ratio and payload attained during missile development has made it possible to acknowledge the design execution of the 9M317 SAM as a basic standard whose comparison with other items will help estimate the level of technical progress.

The completely assembled and armed missile is explosion-proof and does not require checks and adjustments within its entire service life. The missile is highly reliable, and its 10-year service life can be prolonged after going through special operations. The high effectiveness, versatility and use potential of the 9M317 SAM has been confirmed through rigorous field and firing exercises.

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