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Lavochkin NPO Projects

Service Designations
LaGG-1 Fighter
LaGG-3 (1) Fighter
LaGG-3 (4-8) Fighter
LaGG-3 (11) Strike Fighter
LaGG-3 (23-35) Fighter
LaGG-3 (34) Strike Fighter
LaGG-3 (66) Fighter
LA-5 Fighter
LA-5F fighter
LA-5 FN Fighter
LA-5 (# 206) Fighter
LA-5 M-71 Fighter
LA-5UTI The training fighter
LA-7 fighter
LA-7P fighter
LA 7TK Fighter
LA 7UTItraining fighter
LA-9 Fighter
LA 9B training fighter
LA 9RD Fighter
LA-11 fighter Far
LA-15 Fighter
LA 15UTI trainer aircraft
LA-17 target drones
LA-17P tactical reconnaissance UAV
Factory Designations
LA-120R experimental fighter
LA-126 Fighter
LA 126PVRD experimental fighter
LA 130p Fighter Pilot
LA-138 experimental fighter
LA-150 tactical fighter, first jet
LA-152 tactical fighter, early jet
LA-154 tactical fighter
LA-156 tactical fighter
LA-160 tactical fighter ARROW
LA-162 ("162") Experimental Interceptor
LA-168 tactical fighter
LA-174 fighter-interceptor
LA 174TK tactical fighter
LA-176 first supersonic tactical fighter
LA-180 Training fighter
LA-190 fighter-interceptor
LA-200 fighter-interceptor
La-250 fighter-interceptor ANACONDA

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