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I-301 / LaGG-1 Fighter Prototype

An experimental fighter Lavochkin - Gorbunova - Gudkov (1940) - was a single-seat fighter monoplane. It had the engine cooling water M-105P (a gun) in 1050 hp power The design of the airplane - wood. The fuselage, of wooden monocoque type, was oval, turning into the tail of the keel in the farm. Keel is integral with the fuselage.

Material was basically pine and birch plywood veneer. The shelves wing spar was used Delta wood grade A. All the wooden parts of the fuselage were joined on the glue VIAM-BR, without the use of nails and screws. The outer surface is polished to a shine.

Frontal armor protection consisted of bulletproof glass thickness of 55 mm and 8.5 mm steel bronespinki. Armament consisted of a gun-Taubina Baburin 23 mm (PTB-23, MP-6), shooting through the axis of the gear motor, two synchronous BS heavy machine guns (12.7 mm), in addition to which could be installed two synchronous machine gun ShKAS ( 7.62 mm).

I-301 has shown good results on state tests, launched on 14 June 1940 : the speed - 605 km / h at an altitude of 4950 m; the climb to 5000 m - 5.85 m, 8000 m - 12.7 m. Aileron and rudder was somewhat heavy, but the prospect of new aircraft has been confirmed.

In November 1940 SA Lavochkin was appointed chief designer of the Gorky plant #21. It was here that he was to introduce a series of new fighter. Together with the chief designer in Gorky were assigned 30 engineers and designers - a third of the former composition of the Bureau. Once a single design bureau was divided. VP Gorbunov was sent to Taganrog, MI Gudkov stayed in Khimki, a chief designer of OKB. In the future, each of them are self-design activities.

In December 1940, I-301 was renamed the LaGG-1, and its improved version, with longer range (up to 1000 km) - in the LaGG-3. Once on the new fighter increased fuel capacity (due to the introduction of two cantilever tanks), it was by order of the government under the name LaGG-3 commercialized immediately to 6 plants: #21 (Gorky), number 31 (Mr. . Taganrog - Tbilisi), #153 (Novosibirsk), #23 (Leningrad), #463 (Tallinn), #165 (Dnepropetrovsk). Really manufactured in 4 factories: #21, 23, 31, 153.

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