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Ilyushin Aviation Complex OJSC

The Ilyushin Production Complex was created in January 1997 to include all designers and producers of Il-family planes. Initially The main challenge for the Ilyushin Complex was production of Il-96M/T. Powered with Pratt&Whitney engines and equipped with Rockwell-Collins avionics, it remained the only Russian long-range aircraft of good quality. Aeroflot ordered 20 Il-96 and Transaero placed an order for another 12, to be produced at VASO and financed by $1 billion loan from US ExImBank and Russian Reserve Bank.

In August 1997 an agreement was signed with Boeing for joint design of the overhead baggage compartment for Boeing 777 airliner. Recently a new Russian-American research program was initiated to construct a economically viable commercial supersonic aircraft. Since VASO was manufacturing Tu-144 supersonic passenger jets in 1970 (only 16 jets were made) it may certainly benefit from the ongoing project.

In early September 1997, after heated debates at the Ministry of Economics, the plan entitled "Concept of Restructuring the Russian Aviation Industry Complex" was finally made public. Essentially the plan presupposed vertically-integrated structures and large-scale merges and consolidation among aerospace organizations and research institutions. The immediate aim was the increased competitiveness, development of new technologies and designs, production of new aircraft and improved aftersale service.

The Ilyushin Aviation Complex is promoting several new aircraft types including the Il-96-300 long-range passenger airliner powered by Russian-built PS-90 engines and carries up to 300 passengers over a maximum range of 11,000 km.

The foundation of Ilyushin Finance Company (IFC) was initiated by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex (a leading Russian aircraft design company) in March of 1999. The Company is domiciled in the city of Voronezh, Russia as a closed joint stock company. License to conduct leasing activity (# 0908) was issued on June 21, 1999. In 2001 Ilyushin Finance company won a tender for State support of leasing aviation equipment.

In September 2002 the Government agreed with the plans of the President of National Reserve Bank Alexander Lebedev (the bank owned 37% of Ilyushin Finance) for merging Voronezh Aircraft Plant [VASO], MAK Ilyushin (which owns 81% of Ilyushin Company and 30% of Voronezh-based VASO plant); and AK in order to create Ilyushin Corporation holding. A total of 51% of the new company's shares would be held by the State and 49% by Ilyushin Finance. In order to accomplish this plan the State transferred 56.25% of VASO shares belonging to MAK and AK to Ilyushin Finance management. Private investors promised to get shareholders' approval of the merger until April 1, 2003. Technically, the deal would be carried out as incorporation of VASO and MAK into AK Ilyushin.

In February 2003 Ilyushin-Finance (IFC) signed an order for six Ilyushin Il-96-300 passenger aircraft with the Voronezh aircraft production facility (VASO). The aircraft are intended for Aeroflot. On 31 December 2003, after four years of tough negotiations, state-controlled Aeroflot signed a contract with the Ilyushin Finance Company to lease six Il-96-300s. The first aircraft is due in mid-2005 with the remaining five to be delivered in one-month intervals by that year's end.

As of 2006 the airplanes designed and developed by the Open Joint Stock Company «IL» were manufactured by the «Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company» (JSC «VASO»), producing the IL-96-300 and IL-96T aircraft, the «Tashkent Aircraft Production Association n/a V.P.Chkalov» (»TAPOICh»), producing the IL 114 and family of IL 76 aircraft and their modifications, and the «Lukhovitsi Aircraft Production And Test Complex» (FGUP «RSK MIG» LAPIK), producing the IL-103 airplane.

On 28 April 2007 OAO «IL» received Type Certificate ?22-96-300/D17 from Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee Addendum that attests that IL-96-300 meets the category IIIa ICAO. IL-96-300-04 received a perceivable noise Type Certificate ?SSH167-IL-96-300-04 on 27 December 2006 that attests that the aircraft meets the requirements of Aviation Standards AS-36 for the 4th stage aircraft and Chapter 4, Appendix 16 of ICAO standards.

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