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Ilyushin Il-96 Camber - Variants

From the very beginning IL-96-300 was considered as the basis to create an entire family of wide-body aircraft with common airframe and systems design. Analysis of the passenger and freight traffic was the basis for the development of "extended" versions of IL-96.


Russian president Vladimir Putin uses an aircraft of this type (special version Il-96-300PU). In 1996, the liner was taken as the basis for IL-96-300PU special purpose aircraft for the President of Russia. Special equipment enables the state leader to perform all imperative work onboard, including the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces functions, thats why the aircraft is called a command post. The use of IL-branded aircraft for Russian Presidents flights and governmental air transport reveals high confidence for Ilyushin Design Bureau materiel.

On 22 July 2016 Special flight group "Russia", serving heads of state, received a new domestic Il-96-300. The ceremony took place with the customer in Voronezh, the aircraft was made. It was expected that the new aircraft would then go to the base in the capital's airport Vnukovo-2. This was the ninth aircraft of this type, which will be operated in the squadron," - said General Director of the Special Flight Detachment "Russia" Yaroslav Odintsev taking liner. He was convinced: "The aircraft will represent our country in international airspace, demonstrating the high level of development of the aviation industry."

"IL-96 project is of great importance for the United Aircraft Corporation, as it provides load Voronezh aircraft factory, and in general, for the aviation industry, as it allows the country to maintain the competence for the production of wide-bodied long-haul aircraft, which are only three countries in the world" - said Gerasimov. General Director of the Voronezh aircraft factory Dmitry Prishvin hopes for new orders from the Russian President Administration for the Special Flight Detachment.

IL-96 military variants

At the end of 1980s and early 1990s the Ilyushin Design Bureau studied several military variants of IL-96-300, such as antisubmarine, patrol and reconnaissance versions. Among civil variants a version designed to carry 20 tons of payload to a distance of up to 9,000 km on low frequency routes was considered (IL-90).

Il-96-550 (project)

Ilyushin Design Bureau, a subsidiary of United Aircraft Coroporation announced in February 2009 the development of a new aircraft, the Il-96-500. The new aircraft was to be an expanded version of the current-Il 96-400 version, it can carry more passengers and go further, and will be made of composite materials. Ilyushin engineers think the possibility of an aircraft with two decks. The plane will be made in partnership with Virgin, Star Alliance, will use Volvo engines and interior will be done by Parcker, the avionics will be made by EADS.

The first use of the Il-96-550 designation was in the 199s for an aircraf that would have two decks to carry up to 550 passengers, intended to compete with the A380 airbus.

Il-98 (project)

Since approximately 1995, Ilyushin has tried to develop on the basis of Il-96 a twin-jet aircraft called the Il-98 intended for the transport of passengers and freight. The engines Rolls-Royce [the Trent 800], Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and General Electric GE90 were considered. Following the final failure of the Il-96M/T program, a thick silence surrounded this project and was believed to have been abandoned. In February 2006 however, it was confirmed that it was always considered, and the company was in search of customers. This rose from the words of Valery Bezverkhny, vice-president of Irkut and one of the future leaders of the Russian aeronautical group (OAK) in the course of creation and which will gather as from September the 2006 all industrial activities of the Ilyushin companies, Irkut, Yakovlev, MiG, Sukho and Tupolev.

The Wall Street Journal reported on 20 March 2010 that United Aircraft Corporation planned to bid for $ 40 billion contract to replace aging aerial refueling tankers the Air Force. UAC, the Russian government-owned aerospace consortium, would offer a tanker based version of its widebody airliner Ilyushin Il-96, the IL-98. The aircraft would be mainly built in Russia and collected in the United States. KLA will cooperate with a small contractor in the United States. The application of the European EADS on one of the largest U.S. defense contracts always met strong opposition. Advertising Russian firms were likely to face even more criticism from lawmakers.

The Wall Street Journal quoted the words of the lawyer John Kirkland that officially signed an agreement to be announced on March 23. Kirkland supposedly represents the interests of the UAC in the United States. Official representatives of the Russian UAC March 22, 2010 stated that no information about the participation in the tender for the development of tankers for the US Air Force.

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