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Coastal Forces of the Fleet (BV)

Coastal Troops (BV) - a branch of the Navy, designed to cover the forces of fleets, troops, population and facilities on the sea coast from the impact of enemy surface ships; defense of naval bases and other important facilities of fleets from land, including from sea and air assault forces; landings and actions in sea, airborne assault forces; assistance to the ground forces in the antiamphibious defense of the landing-dangerous areas of the sea coast; destruction of surface ships, boats and landing vehicles within the reach of weapons.

Coastal troops include 2 types of troops: coastal missile and artillery troops and marines. Each branch of the military solves certain target tasks independently and in cooperation with other branches of the BV and the naval forces, as well as with formations and units of other branches of the Armed Forces and branches of the armed forces.

The main organizational units of the BV are brigades, battalions (divisions). They are equipped with BVs mainly with weapons and equipment of the combined-arms type. They are armed with coastal missile systems (DBK) of anti-ship guided missiles, stationary and mobile artillery installations designed to destroy sea and ground targets, special (naval) reconnaissance equipment, etc.

Pacific fleet

Black Sea Fleet

The bulk of the forces are located in Crimea (Sevastopol):

  • 15 rocket and artillery brigade
  • 854 coastal missile regiment
  • 810th brigade of the MP of the order of Zhukov G.K.
  • 127 separate reconnaissance brigade.
  • 529 Red Banner communication center.
  • 475 center of electronic warfare.
  • 224th separate control battalion.
  • 1096 anti-aircraft missile regiment.
  • 4th RCB protection regiment.

Black Sea Fleet In other cities of Crimea:
In the Krasnodar Territory:

Baltic Fleet

Most of the forces are based in the city and the region of Kaliningrad :

  • 25th rocket regiment of the Marine Corps (p. Donskoe).
  • 152nd Guards Missile Brest-Warsaw Brigade (Chernyakhovsk).
  • 336th Guards Bialystok Order of Suvorov and Alexander Nevsky Marine Brigade, in Baltiysk.
  • 7th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment in Kaliningrad.
  • 244th Artillery Neman Red Banner Brigade (Kaliningrad).
  • 22nd guards anti-aircraft missile regiment (Kaliningrad).
  • 742 communication center (Kaliningrad).
  • 69th Guards Marine Engineering Regiment Mogilev.
  • 46th reconnaissance battalion, Gusev.
  • 752 platoon of protection of the Leningrad naval base in Kronstadt

Northern Fleet

The headquarters of the Northern Fleet BV is located in the city of Severomorsk.

  • 536 coastal missile and artillery brigade in Snezhnogorsk
  • 211st separate battalion (Olenegorsk).
  • company of protection and escort of the Military commandant's office, Severomorsk garrison
  • 160 detachment to combat submarine sabotage forces and means in the villages of Vidyaevo
  • 269 detachment to combat submarine sabotage forces and means in the villages Gadzhievok
  • 313 detachments to combat submarine sabotage forces and means in Sputnik.
  • 63rd Marine Engineering Regiment (Severomorsk, settlement Shchukozero).

61 Kirkinesky MP brigade (Sputnik village, Murmansk region), includes
  • 1617 separate missile and artillery battalion
  • 874 separate marine battalion,
  • 876 separate air assault battalion,
  • 886 separate reconnaissance and landing battalion,
  • 125 separate tank battalion,
  • 1591 separate self-propelled artillery battalion
  • 1611 separate self-propelled artillery battalion

Caspian flotilla

The BV forces of the Caspian Flotilla are located in the city of Kaspiysk:

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