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World Wide Elections - 2020

who votes doesn't count, but who counts the votes does.

this resource covers presidential and legislative elections in about 300 polities:

  • 200 [or so] sovereign states
  • 30 [or so] non-recognized para-states
  • 50 [or so] non-self governing territories
  • 30 union states in India [some of which are awefully big]

Election assistance such as that provided by the United States is distinct from the type of Russian election interference that has recently dominated headlines. Election assistance is a key element of international development, that does not support or oppose individual candidates in specific elections. It is practiced by nonpartisan, international non-governmental organizations, working with local partners to promote more professional and independent electoral institutions. American election assistance aims to promote democracy, overtly if possible, or covertly in the absence of a functioning democracry. Russian election interference aims to subvert democracy.

Country ElectionDateStatus
CroatiaPresident runoff05 Jan 2020held
TaiwanPresident and Parliament11 Jan 2020held
ComorosParliament19 Jan 2020held
PeruParliament26 Jan 2020held
IrelandLegislature08 Feb 2020held
CameroonLegislature09 Feb 2020held
AzerbaijanLegislature09 Feb 2020held
Central African Republic"Referendum"??14 Feb 2020??? vaporware
IranParliament and Assembly of Experts 21 Feb 2020held
TogoPresident22 Feb 2020held
ComorosParliament, runoff23 Feb 2020held
SlovakiaParliament29 Feb 2020held
TajikistanParliament01 Mar 2020held
IsraelParliament [again!!]02 Mar 2019held
GuyanaParliament02 Mar 2020held
Dominican Republic municipal15 Mar 2020held
GuineaParliament22 Mar 2020held
VanuatuParliament23 Mar 2020held
Nagorno-KarabakhGeneral31 Mar 2020held
San MarinoCapitani Reggenti 01 Apr 2020held
KiribatiParliament07 Apr 2020held
Macedooniageneral12 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
Nagorno-KarabakhGeneral - runoff14 Apr 2020held
South KoreaParliament15 Apr 2020held
SyriaParliament13 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
RussiaPlebiscite22 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
Sri LankaParliament25 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
SerbiaParliament26 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
ChilePlebiscite26 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
Northern Cyprus Parliament26 Apr 2020DELAYED COVID-19
KazakhstanParliament30 Apr 2020delayed to 2021
BoliviaPresident and Parliament03 May 2020DELAYED COVID-19
PolandPresident10 May 2020DELAYED COVID-19
BurundiPresident20 May 2020held
SurinameParliament31 May 2020held
Niue (New Zealand)Parliament31 May 2020held
Saint Kitts and NevisParliament05 Jun 2020held
SerbiaParliament21 Jun 2020held
MalawiPresident23 Jun 2020held
MongoliaParliament24 Jun 2020held
IcelandPresident27 Jun 2020held
PolandPresident28 Jun 2020held
RussiaPlebiscite01 Jul 2020held
MalawiPresident rerun02 Jul 2020held
CroatiaParliament05 Jul 2020held
SingaporeParliament10 Jul 2020held
PolandPresident run-off12 Jul 2020held
BurundiParliament 23 Jul 2020held
SurinamePresident (By Parliament)Jul 2020held
BelarusPresident09 Aug 2020held
BougainvilleGeneral10 Aug 2020held
Trinidad and TobagoPresident and Parliament10 Aug 2020held
EgyptSenate13 Aug 2020held
EthiopiaParliament29 Aug 2020DELAYED COVID-19
MontenegroParliament30 Aug 2020held
JamaicaParliament03 Sep 2020held
BoliviaPresident and Parliament06 Sep 2020held
San MarinoCapitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)1 Oct 2020held
KyrgyzstanParliament04 Oct 2020held
TajikistanPresident 10 Oct 2020held
LithuaniaParliament 1st round11 Oct 2020held
New ZealandParliament17 Oct 2020held
GuineaPresident18 Oct 2020held
LithuaniaParliament 2nd round25 Oct 2020held
TanzaniaPresident and Parliament28 Oct 2020held
Cote d'IvoirePresident31 Oct 2020held
GeorgiaParliament31 Oct 2020held
AlgeriaCostitutional Referendum01 Nov 2020held
MoldovaPresident01 Nov 2020held
United States President, Congress, etc03 Nov 2020planned
AzerbaijanParliament01 Nov 2020planned
JordanParliament10 Nov 2020planned
EgyptEgyptian People's AssemblyNov 2020planned
PalauPresident and ParliamentNov 2020planned
Burkina FasoParliament and Referendum Nov 2020planned
MyanmarParliamentNov 2020planned
BelizeParliamentNov 2020planned
KuwaitParliamentNov 2020planned
RomaniaParliament [early]06 Dec 2020projected
VenezuelaParliament06 Dec 2020planned
ChadParliament 13 Dec 2020long delayed
Central African RepublicPresident 27 Dec 2020planned
NigerPresident 1st round and Parliament27 Dec 2020planned

Date TBD

GhanaGhanaian Parliament2020Date not confirmed
GhanaPresident2020Date not confirmed
GuineaPresident2020Date not confirmed
KuwaitKuwaiti National Assembly2020Date not confirmed
LiberiaLiberian Senate2020Date not confirmed
MontenegroMontenegrin Assembly2020Date not confirmed
MyanmarMyanmarese House of Representatives2020Date not confirmed
MyanmarMyanmarese House of Nationalities2020Date not confirmed
North MacedoniaNorth Macedonian Assembly2020Date not confirmed
PalauPresident2020Date not confirmed
PalauPalauan Senate2020Date not confirmed
PalauPalauan House of Delegates2020Date not confirmed
PalestinePresident and Parliament2020rumored
PolandPresident2020Date not confirmed
RomaniaSenate2020Date not confirmed
St Vincent / GrenadinesSaint Vincentian House of Assembly2020Date not confirmed
SeychellesPresident2020Date not confirmed
SingaporeSingapore Parliament2020Date not confirmed
SomaliaSomali House of the People2020Date not confirmed
SudanPresident2020Date not confirmed
TanzaniaPresident2020Date not confirmed
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidadian House of Representatives2020Date not confirmed
Trinidad and TobagoPresident2020Date not confirmed


Sprska (Bosnia Herzegovina)Referendum on independence????
Blue Nile, Abyei Referendum on joining South Sudan????
LibyaReferendum on Constitution????
Puntland (Somalia)President????
TogoReferendum on presidential term limits????
South Ossetia (Georgia)Referendum to join Russia????
SyriaKurd Regional assembly????
BelizeReferendum on maritime dispute to ICJ????
United KingdomPeople's Vote Reverse BREXIT 2019 ??no joy
BelizeHouse of Representatives2018-2020not confirmed
GuyanaGeneral01 Jul 2019by 2020?
MaliPresidentMay 2020

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