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Type-86 WZ501 IFV - Propulsion

The power system of the Type 86 infantry fighting vehicle mainly consists of an engine, a transmission system, a mobile system and a steering system. The engine and the transmission are located on the right side of the front of the vehicle. The engine uses V-shaped 120 degrees angle, 4-stroke 6V150 water-cooled direct injection high-speed diesel engine, power 293 horsepower. The engine is characterized by small size, light weight, height of only 770 mm, for the vehicle to achieve low profile to create the conditions, the unit power of about 22 horsepower / ton.

At the same time using the vertical installation, through the main clutch and the axis of the commonly engaged gearbox connected, two planetary steering gear installed in the transmission end, so that the entire power transmission device to form a whole, easy to install and adjust. The main clutch is a single-piece friction clutch, hydraulic control; if necessary, can also be used to manipulate compressed air. The gearbox is a mechanical gearbox with a fixed shaft and a synchronizer shift, with 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. Which 2 to 3 files and 4 to 5 stalls with synchronizer, the use of hydraulic servo power control; 1 file and reverse without synchronizer, with mechanical control. The two-stage planetary steering clutch is operated by the steering lever and the hydraulic system to achieve stepless sliding steering, and the side reducer is a planetary type that ensures increased drive wheel torque under compact conditions.

The steering system uses liquid, gas, mechanical joint, steering steering for the steering wheel. In the process of driving, if the oil circuit failure, the gas can be immediately through the solenoid valve into the working state, to avoid the vehicle out of control. If the oil, gas road failure, the driver can use the mechanical way to manipulate the vehicle, so as to be foolproof. Located to the rear of the driver, there is a forward opening of the vehicle door, which can be rotated, with three periscopes, the middle one for the day and night with a light observation mirror (also available day and night infrared observation mirror - this should be with infrared light).

The Type 86-type infantry fighting vehicle, without any preparation, can directly cross rivers, lakes, and water travel with tracks, the speed of 7-8 km. Water should be closed before the doors and windows, open the wave board and raised the air intake, the driver should be replaced by the middle of the periscope gyroscope. Water driving conditions for the wave height is not greater than 25 cm, the flow rate of not more than 1.2 m / s. The vehicle is also equipped with gyro semi-compass direction indicator, in order to facilitate the desert and water to determine the direction of driving.

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