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NVH-1 infantry fighting vehicle

The Sino-British cooperative NVH-1 infantry fighting vehicle was built in 1984. The Northern China Industrial Company [NORINCO] and the British Vickers company developed infantry fighting vehicles, and in 1986 at the British weapons exhibition show presented the prototype vehicle. The NVH-1 used the Type 85 armored vehicle chassis, a body is made of bullet-proof steel plate, manufactured by the North Industrial Company. The engine is a licensed Deutz 320hp diesel engine. Each side of the body has five load wheels, the crew room in the rear of the body, the body on both sides of the three shooting holes.

The turret was manufactured by Vickers and can carry the commander and gunner. There is a 25mm machine gun, a 7.62mm machine gun, and a 4 * 2 smoke launcher, a laser rangefinder and a passive night vision device. The vehicle fighting the whole weight of 16 tons, unit power 20hp / t vehicle length 6.12 meters vehicle height 2.77 meters vehicle width 3.06 meters. The maximum speed is 60km / h over a range of 500 km.

The base of the infantry fighting vehicle is basically the same as that of the WZ501, and only the following minor changes were made; 1; the circuit connection between the chassis and the turret has local changes; 2; between the driver dashboard and the gun length switchboard "Gun bit wide indication" signal feedback circuit. In addition to the above changes, the rest are identical. Th Type 86 modified chassis and turret interface and the WZ501 chassis are the same, so the vehicle WA314T turret and 73 mm single turret in the assembly completely interchangeable.

Welded gun sights on the left side of the gun, gunner sight on both sides of the installation of a daytime periscope, juxtaposed machine gun on the left side of the gun, in parallel with the gun and artillery tower tower with a searchlight at the top; The front of the tower on both sides of the front are equipped with four 76 mm smoke bomb launchers; turret seat is used [WZ501]. The turret fighting full weight 1420KG.

The Type 86 main weapon was a 25 mm high-ping dual-use machine guns, launch armor-piercing and grenades, can change the speed and bombs, one-way two-way bomb for bombs, can be the first load, with electric shock. Roof mounted anti-tank missile launch track, the latest modification for the Red Arrow 73, the use of series warhead, can effectively deal with modern reaction armor.

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