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Type-86 WZ501 IFV - Design

The Type 86 infantry fighting vehicles use a power capsule front structure, the middle of the turret, the rear for the crew cabin. As the Type 86 infantry fighting vehicles are light armored vehicles, the design and emphasis on firepower and mobility, so they have weak armor protection. In order to improve the protective force as much as possible, the vehicle body structure was transformed, with its low profile, streamlined, and has a better protection than the general vehicles.

The body, according to the possibilities of attack, has different parts according to different angles and thickness. The material is selected with different thickness of the special alloy steel plate, local use of special aluminum alloy. The whole body has 77 pieces of armor plate welded together. The inclination angle of the head tilt armor is larger, and the power tank cover is an aluminum alloy plate with seven horizontal panels. In addition to improved armor protection, the vehicle is also equipped with a reliable agent and radiation alarm, automatic shut-off and virus control and other three anti-virus system; the same time with a hot smoke device, fire extinguishing system, to further improve the vehicle's viability.

Accomodation is provided for a crew of three, including the driver, gunner and driver. The driver is located on the left side of the front of the vehicle body, with a right-turn open hatch, with three daytime observation periscopes. Night driving can be done with a periscope for infrared night driving instrument.

The rear crew cabin can carry eight fully armed infantry, sitting back to sit in the cabin. The middle of the vehicle houses the main diesel fuel tank and electrical support. There are four hatches in the service compartment, two in the left and right, connected to the roof deck by hinges. Infantry off the main entrance for the two cars back door, the two back door also as a diesel tank, left rear door volume of 60 liters, the right rear door volume of 70 liters.

Because of the Type 86 vehicles had many deficiencies, the Chinese army soon began to upgrade it with various improvements. Mainly these included a new turret to replace the original turret, the new main gun was a 30 mm cannon, a coaxial parallel 7.62 mm machine gun and a turret in the upper right of the anti-tank missile launchers for the launch of improved Red Arrow 73C anti-tank missiles. On both sides of the turret there are two sets of six 76 mm electric ammunition launchers, which can launch smoke bombs. At the same time the important novelty was the installation of additional armor. The improved Type 86 tracked infantry fighting vehicle had considerable improvement in firepower and protection compared to the original Type 86. The improved Type 86 tracked infantry fighting vehicles extensivly equipped the the Chinese Army to become the main force of the Army Mechanized Forces.

Although the improved performance of the 86-type tracked infantry fighting vehicles had considerably increased, after all they belongd to the 86 series. They cannot fundamentally avoid the shortcomings of the prototype vehicle. Therefore, the Chinese army never stopped the development of new tracked infantry fighting vehicles, the latest achievement is ZBD-97 infantry fighting vehicles.

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